Trying it again

Ok so again trying a new way of eating. It’s just that I got so sick and tired of eating chicken and I only by red meat like twice a year lol. So yeah and seafood can only do so much for me.

So I think I will switch it up and just raw it out for a few weeks to clean my system out and then see about incorporating some more vegetarian cuisine in it. That stuff is expensive because we all know it costs so much money to grow a carrot over raising cattle lol.

But I am not going to knock people for eating meat. I am just so tired of it. So dreaming sick and tired of it. Mainly because I’m lazy and tired of always having to burn my food to eat it lol. I just want to reach in the fridge, rinse it off and eat it. That’s it. Is that so hard to ask? No it isn’t. But my pockets aren’t happy either lol. So we have to compromise and I buy as much raw foods as I can while making sure I have some protein in my diet. He’ll I know I can’t get everything form veggies, and I refuse to take 44 supplements to replace what I am not eating.

I have some new cookbooks and old ones in which I can make some vegan food. I keep enough meat in the house for my meat water husband. At least I buy organic meats for him. He’ll I rather him eat a bison burger than a pink slime hamburger. Just eww lol.

I need to buy a blender so I can juice as well. It more of a juicer lol. But for now it’s making my own fruit water, calorie burning water, and all the other drinks I see posted on Facebook and these cooking shows I am.

Granted I have a sweet tooth and I can devour some shit, that is one thing I will have to work on. I know I won’t give up sweets. It’s because I can’t. It’s just no point. If I want a piece of cake. I’m going to get a piece of cake damn it. I have never reached for a piece of cake and decided that this carrot and dip will suffice. Nope not happening but I will by pass cake for some yogurt though.

So we will see how this goes. I don’t like some veggies but I am sure I can do something to make them appetizing.

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