Family Tradition Witchcraft by Kit McGoey

This is a good book based on a witches families tradition. Granted it isn’t my cup of tea, but I enjoyed reading about others family practices.

It has the basic fluffery to it for those arrested to that side. It helps those interested get going in the practical matter while walking through them. She presents some of her families history which is quite interesting.

The information on the Sabbats I’d nothing new, but still added to every book in detail for some odd reason. The witches garden is competing of the basics in which everyone has in their kitchen, with it not. The color wheel is included with the standard colors and she adds the: different share of the colors, resonance, association,, numbers, and holidays. Include is the colors for the triple Goddess (white, red, black) and for the triple God [New to me (green, blue, purple) ]. The stone and crystal section covers the basics as does the correspondence, moon in zodiac section. Sex Magic probably could have been left out as it can’t be explained in a few pages.

It’s basically the perfect book for the novice to have In her library.

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