Need to buy more books, and read what I have, and cleanse my virtual library

I have read them all

I remember I was going through a list of all my physical books that I have so I can read them, Mark then and set them aside for the prior running in their working.

Well damn. I read them all. Actually You Are Psychic, Her Demon Lover haven’t been read yet. I’m reading Metu Neter Vol 1 and the Book of Abraxas right now. Two of these four week be done by the end of the month. I have a lot of questions to schedule. It’s going to be a busy year.

For my Enochian working I went through and have notes on:
Practical Enochian Magic
The Lost Art of Enochian Magic
Enochian Vision Magic
The Complete Enochian Dictionary

And that was from last year or two ago I believe. Still in the information stage and research gathering with this one.

Individual workings (books that are on their own in my eye):
21st Century Mage
The Book of the Damned ( and in still debating this one. I mean the Daemons under Azazel are cool and I can work with them, but the tires and Innovations are pure trash. Ugh so it’s on the fence with me…has been for some months now)
Internal Colopatrion
13 Gates of the Necronomicon (perfect for the zodiac workings for me)
The Grimorie of Tiamat

Now my intense workings are my Chakra and Auric, Necromantic and Daemonolatry workings. I have around 8 books for the Necromantic workings, which is informational and practical exercises because that is a path that will take years and in all for it. The Daemonolatry Goetia working is two years in and its going really well so far. I’m really enjoying ask that I’m creating and able to put together. My Chakra working is going to be a few years in the research stage. With over 80 chakra points already in, I’m not even close into doing what I’m working towards. Just more research and trial and error, which is still a good thing. A lot of rewrites though.

I do have the books that are helpful that I can just pull from when needed, but I do have another task being with Hecate, Sekhmet, Bast, Hathor, Ptah, Nefertum, Khonse, Mahes, Ra, Thanatos. It’s always full on my calendar I swear. But it’s worth it. Man is it worth it.

No ask u have to do is work through the 584 books on my kindle (and I think less than 30 of them are actual workbooks and grimories). Than the 3,000 pdf’ s and e-books I have on my computer. Granted if it is not a subject I’m interested in then it’s being deleted. I’m not keeping books on astronomy since I really don’t have a big interest in it. Or hypnosis as its just something I don’t care about. So I hope to actually have all my kindle books read by the end of next year, but with new book porn being released its making it very difficult lol.

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