Two dinners, one family

So my husband does not eat healthy at all. He would eat out all day or sausages all day if he had the chance. He hasn’t cooked for himself in ten years. I say there is no excuse, he has plenty. So out of the almost eight years we have been married I am committed to switch him to at least organic meats and making his take out food at home. Last night I heated up some BBQ pork ribs he picked up from Aldi’s. They were heat and eat. So I just made some corn and added bread to it he was happy.

However for me a made six salads that night. I had spinach, bagged salad, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, red, orange and yellow bell peppers. I separated them into five containers equally and anything left over made the sixth salad which was my dinner.

I just got some tired of having to preheat the oven, clean the meat and then cook it. I rather have my food ready for me to eat when I’m hungry. I have no problem cooking once a week and spreading it over the week. It makes it easier for me to eat healthy so I can just grab and go and it be healthy.

I know I can not wait for my little ideas to kick in over the course of next year. It will be interesting to see what I do. I have no problem cooking two different dinners. We eat breakfast together and lunch and any snacks. Outside of that if I can’t cook it I prefer not to eat it. Granted I know he likes to eat out, then we can go to our new fav restaurant Mixed Plate. It serves Korean, Vietnamese, and other Asian food and has the best freaking Pho. He can have his Korean ribs while I enjoy the Pho and mango shrimp. It’s a good deal.

The more I remove meat and other chemicals from my body the better off I will be and the healthier. It’s not about getting down to a certain size, or goal weight. It’s just to feel healthier about myself and to be able to move around and enjoy life. At 225 I have come a long way and want to be wiser. Hell I can still sprint and jog so don’t get it twisted lol. I just want a heal their me.

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