The Temple of Hekate by Tara Sanchez

This book deals with as Hekate in her Greek Aspect. I personally see her way before Greece, but hey. She adapts all of the Greek Magick and resolution in this Working. I am not going pig the whole Greek as a powerhouse of the best, because we know how they obtain their knowledge. Guess there’s my bias with th been, but I can still appreciate the Greek contribution over time. So let’s move on.

She talks about the Priestess of Hekate and their use of black and white Magick, which she could have just said magic, and it was an intricate part of their everyday life.  She goes on to talk about the Greek concept of heaven and hell and the way they viewed the afterlife, which was a very simplicity concept to them. She hits on what they considered the Daemon to which was the first of great men pay, as taught by Plato (her reference). So that was an interesting section to read.

Now her invocation and evocation need work. She states “l was originally taught that magicians never invoke, only witches”, (which is interesting that they delegate the two and they do different workings) ” The theory is that when one invoke there is a strong chance that risk control can be given over to the entity you invite to share your headspace, and losing control is something a magician never does”. Now I think we have to lose some control to gain it, if that makes sense. I’m not taking about going bat shit crazy, but getting deep in touch with the divine and having those crazy thoughts, that lead to sane workings. So it married me wonder are they scared with sharing with the divine, because they may not be strong enough to trust themselves, or have they invoke the wrong person and got hemmed up. Either way, she goes on saying how she never invoke and when she does its a rarity and its only two. Weird.

The Tetrahedron Exercise reminds me of the Mer ka ba meditation with extras to it. Directions on making the typical Grecian river is included, for those who want to have a hands on experience. The design is interesting and looks fun to try. Ritual gestures, practical exercises and pronunciation are added for your benefit. The normal incense making, banishing rituals are included, as are circle constructions and the calling of the 4 quarters. Instructions for ritual tools, including phylactery and lemnae are include.

She has for elemental meditations for Hekate. Hekate of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth and the accompanying meditations. These are extremely nice and useful and very workable. Very easy to add into your workings with her already. I skipped the reading of the meditations because I found myself spinning up out my body, and I didn’t feel like leaving in the middle of reading lol.

She hits on planetary days and hours, the associations,  deities for each day too. She goes a little into the orbit of the moon and some technical info, and I skipped it. It wasn’t necessary as I’m not living by the hours. She instructs you on during and making a mirror, explains the tarot in reference to Hekate.

This working is completely based off of the GPM, and if you work primarily with them it’s a breeze. The Hecate that I work with is damn near different, but I can utilize the meditations very easily. So all in all, it was a decent book, and one that you could add to your library.

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