The Grimorie of Tiamat

The Grimorie of Tiamat

This book is for the magician, witch, befriended or whatever you want to be called. This is not for the faint of heart. If your scared of the dark, don’t buy this book. If you are scared of what you can’t see, don’t buy this book. If you are mentally unstable, don’t buy this book. If you get weak at the sight of blood, or don’t work with blood, don’t buy this book. If you don’t have years and I mean like a good ten years practicing the darker arts, don’t buy this book. With that being said let’s continue.

This is a book that I may have been waiting for. I have been wanting to go into the abyss. Past the point of return, to discover myself, reawakening myself, and be one with the black flame and chaotic waters. And this book does it.

With five years research and preparation, the author and his companions lay out everything you need. Working with Tiamat and Kingu, in addition to her eleven children will take you on a journey into the darkest waters of Draconian Current.

I spent two days reading, highlighting, and making mental notes of the innovations, evocations, and meditation. The information about the Dieties is very intriguing. I don’t know much about the whole Tiamat aspect but I always knew enough that kept her on my mind. I have a Draconian Deity as a Patron, and that side of my ritual practice has been growing, little by little, for some time. I am not much of a ritual writer, surprisingly if you know me. But I can modify the hell it off other people’s works though lol. But with this Working, I won’t. I would do a great disservice if I change anything. The realms that you will be drowning in. The realms that you will be stepping into, will fuck you up if you are not strong enough mentally, physically and emotionally. Like the author said, you may want to have some type of knowledge of Draconian Current before you jump in.

I was thinking that this can be added to another draconian aspect but it would not work. This is a stand alone piece. A piece that I will be performing with my partner after we each do our own ritual writing of the book. And I can see this being a minimum of thirteen months in the working, for at least a week each month.

I can now sit this aside and plan for the workings. Which includes me going through the book a second time to jot the notes down, write out a material list that I need, correct t the materials and start making them. Whenever I read a book, I never read the incantations, or the meditations, or the rituals. I’ve learned a long time ago to be careful what you put to voice. But when I start going through the workings that is when I will let the current out and surround me.

This is a working Grimorie. This isn’t something for people to buy, read, and claim they done the work, when they do nothing but lie about all their craft workings. This is for the serious practitioner, who wants to go into the Draconian Current, and learn some shit.

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