Ast Ma Ion – Eos Tar Nixet by Edgar Kerval

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Last Saturday I was able to pick up my copy of the Ast Ma Ion – Eos Tar Nixet by Edgar Kerval. This book is a working Grimoire of Qlippothic Sorcery. So first thing is, I loved how the book came. It was complete with beautiful and captivating cards and a CD (which I haven’t listened to due to so much school work, but I will be able to listen to it this weekend).

The cards match up to each level of the Qlippoth that you are working through, so you can hold those cards in your hand while you walk through, or trance out while looking at them to obtain a connection with the Spirit that resides there. What I love about this grimoire is that is an actually practical working to the Qlippoth. There have been some that have seem so stuffy and mechanical that it is like, ugh, here we go again. Here the walking is done with a heavy dose of sex magick, (which I always include in all my workings). He gets straight to the point, which is what I love about all the authors who books I buy, and he gives you information about his workings and his time working with the Qlippoth. This is 4 years of intense working that he has perfected, tested, and shared with the masses.

The introduction by Asenathh Mason is enough to get you itching to dig into these pages to discover the wealth of information that is inside. It then goes into his workings, and a brief introduction about the Qlippoth and the Sorcerer. It then goes into the first Gate, Lilith.

At this point you will see the seal of Lilith which I find beautiful. I love the seals, and art work in this book along with the calligraphy, it just sets it off and it give it this overtone of gracefulness. Turn the page and there is a picture of her in a form you have never seen, but you can SEE it is her. What I did was as I read through the book I picked up the card, kissed it, placed it against my chest and read the chapter on the Spirit. That is my own way of greeting them and showing them respect. I then placed the card in their section and continue on (I did it for all of them). Within each chapter for all the Qlippoth Spirits (all 10 of them), you receive a couple pages of information about them and then the respective rituals if any. For Lilith you have this wonderful Rite of Ingress which is an inner call to her entrance. This I will be doing over the weekend, as I work with and am very close to Lilith, and anything that involves her, I am more than willing to test out. The seal to Lilith looks like an eye waiting for you to enter, tendrils surrounding the eye. The chant that is giving is very deep and it got me stirred up. It is recommended to do this rite four times, and I can see me incorporating this into my workings for her period.

Next is Gamaliel and his seal which is a variant of skulls and crossbones, but it has a vodoun hint and feel to me, which makes it even more interesting to me. Surprisingly, I was doing a little experiment for a friend of mine in which the symbol she gave me actually showed me this picture before it arrived to me, so that was interesting. His seal had me smirk, as it looked like he was smiling at me, with a wide smile and his eyes slit. It was and is very amusing. His rite is the Sexual Dreaming, Path Working Rite. This rite needs you to be abstinence for one month (sexual) and to get good rest for a good month. You will be doing dream work so I can understand. You will be contacting Gamliel and meditating with his sigil, so this could take a few to do and to receive as much information as you can. Dreamwork is a fav of mine.

The next seal is of Samauel and it looks like an eye in flames floating with peacock feathers fanning out. His picture is of a man looking stern, staring deep into your soul. It is very brooding and heavy. His Rite is of Initiation which is the death of the mundane personality so you can rise up be one with the Black Flame. Here you will learn to gain so much control over yourself, both inner and outer, which something we all must do in order to ride above the mundane and become one with the Spirit.

The seal of A’rab Zaraq is of a crow and he leads to liberation of the self. His Rite is of the Black Mirror. The use of this rite is to explore the astral planes and to reach out and connect with Qlippothic energies you are mingling with. Anytime you are working with mirrors you tend to need to be careful. I can pull quite a few things out of a mirror so I tend to stay away from them until I can control what I am doing. But this would be something that I would work up to. You will be working with two mirrors and you will be in the middle as a conduit of sorts, so please make sure you are sane, and have enough rest. Reaching into your subconscious and not being ready for it can be a shock to the system, and so is mixing with the Qlippothic energies. They are very strong and will knock you for a loop. But I love how the energies feel.

The seal next is Thagirion. This is the path to illumination. Here you will be inundated with the knowledge of the black sun, the astral realm and the light of Thagirion. Here you need to be careful, you can become lost and blinded by this illumination. I know one person you got lost, and he is no longer sane. You must be balanced and of sound mind to make it through this seal unharmed. It is so much being awakened in you, so much you are seeing and absorbing, that you can overload yourself. Take your time, as with the other paths, in absorbing what you are given and then marinate on it. His ritual will help enlighten your mind.

The next seal is that of Golachab, and this spirit blazes a way through chaos and it will blow your mind. His rite is of the Primal Awakening, using self eroticism and self stimulation via a mantra to get your juices flowing and to tap into this Qlippoth. Its awakening the Chaos in you and taking you on a wild ride.

The next seal is of Gha’agsheblah the path of liberation. The rite you will do will be the Death Trance Emanation Ritual, in which you will symbolically die and then be reborn as a child of the Abyss. Can’t get any better than that right.

The seal of Satariel is all about transmutation and the emergence of the Sorcerer from the hidden knowledge of the previous seal. The Right of the Spectral Light is all about taking in what you have learned and exploring that side of yourself, the darkness that has now been opened up. This is rec commended to do a few times to equalize yourself and to make sure that you are balanced before you continue on.

The next to last seal of Ghagiel is one in which you start to learn more about yourself that you still can’t seem to unlock and you will be doing a lot of work on the astral and physical planes to bring it all together. By this time you should be damn near all open, and have spent quite a few months t get to this process. This is a nice journey that is taking you from just the Sorcerer you are, to the Higher being that you KNOW you are ( and a better Sorcerer as well :)) This is a path that you may want to sit on a do a few times t make sure you are more than ready to go to the next level. No need to rush, you will move from level to level when you are ready.

The final seal is that of Thamuiel, which is the completion of your journey. Here you have seven masks of Thanuiel that will further help you manifest all you have learned into a powerful source of knowledge. With each of these seven masks you will know what you have to do. There is nothing saying this must be done, or this. The workings are set up for you to completely follow your normal progression but it gives you so much that can get done. These are paths that you can do for months or weeks, or even longer. There is no time limit, only suggestions and those are few. We each move at our own pace and I look forward to working with the first seal and seeing all that awaits me.

Totally worth the price, I devoured the book within a couple of hours and I have a nice vibration going on with the cards, which means that I will be connecting with them first before going further. Just something I always do.

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