28 Day Working Day 14

I have been confused and thought I was behind and released a blog early, but that is cool lol.

So you may have guessed that the blogs are scheduled. I am actually not online, so they are posting the day that I am currently in the working. This helps me in a couple ways. One, I can keep my blog updated and with new content; and two, I can keep myself on track. I will actually do a complete over working of this 28 days in two parts so you can get a better understanding and an get some in depth information. Besides I find that the next day, I am still seeing the effects of my workings.

The psychic and yoga books are working really good. I am recording the meditations and stretches so I can work them better than I would have, and have done in the past.

This is also the day I am doing my Invocation to Satan. It has been a while, and I plan on making it a monthly thing, like I should have. Just been slacking.

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