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Thaumiel; The Dark Divided Ones by S. Ben Qayin

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I got my copy of this book yesterday. I was too excited to open it and begin reading it. And yes I finished it the same day. The cover is very glossy and it has some nice wight to it, 79 pages (85 including the authors info and last words and some blank pages for note taking, well I use them for note taking).

Inside this softback book you have some gorgeous pictures, in depth illustrations, and beautiful symbols. The pictures in this book are in color and you know what, I appreciate that. Black and white is fine and it is classic, but there is nothing like color images assaulting the senses you know.

You have an introduction chapter, eight chapters and a final word chapter separate form the author’s final words. What I really like is that this bad boy is in a series of 11 books. So what you are investing in, is an extremely in depth systematic working of the Tree of Death. I know I live for these types of books, because I get my whole magical life with them. I get put through the ringers and when you you talk about working with Satan and Moloch, you better bring your A game. You need to me mentally, physically and spiritually ready and aware before diving into this series of works. This, in my opinion, is for seasoned magicians who have went through being knocked on their asses a few times. For those who want to take their knowledge and working with the Tree of Death to the next level. This is not for those who think they can conquer everything because they been doing this for 5 years. No, when you go into this with an ego of I know I can conquer everything and not being humble, trust me they know you. They will fuck you up for GP, and you will come out missing a part of your mind. Play around with real work if you want to . This is deep shit.

This book draws from information that you can find in the Keys of Solomon. Which means yes this incorporates Solomon Ceremonial Magick but with a heavy twist, and seasoned with Chaos Magick.

There is this one sentence that stood out to me. It is on pg 40, first paragraph and it says “…I believe that when working the pentacle (point facing north/up…) is implemented to give energy and honor Other Gods…instead [the pentagram is facing downward] directs power to he black magician and honors them as their own free God.” I like this clarification of what the points on the pentagram mean. Everyone has their own way of interpreting it. But going into any working it would be nice to have a found view of the pentagram either point up or horns up.

This book takes you into the void extinguishing your light and replacing it with darkness. Becoming the Black Magician that you are setting out to be with this working. This working requires your blood (so if you can’t stand the site of blood or you get faint, you may just want to skip this book all together), a hefty amount of salt, and the ability for you to remain calm and open when going through these gates.

To get a look at this book and an overview of each chapter, click this link for the video.

You didn’t think you were going to continue reading my reviews did you? Naw, I got something good for you.

28 Day Working Day 14

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I have been confused and thought I was behind and released a blog early, but that is cool lol.

So you may have guessed that the blogs are scheduled. I am actually not online, so they are posting the day that I am currently in the working. This helps me in a couple ways. One, I can keep my blog updated and with new content; and two, I can keep myself on track. I will actually do a complete over working of this 28 days in two parts so you can get a better understanding and an get some in depth information. Besides I find that the next day, I am still seeing the effects of my workings.

The psychic and yoga books are working really good. I am recording the meditations and stretches so I can work them better than I would have, and have done in the past.

This is also the day I am doing my Invocation to Satan. It has been a while, and I plan on making it a monthly thing, like I should have. Just been slacking.

What Next? (I wrote this maybe two or three years ago)

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I sit down and reflect about the path I am on. I see the array of possibilities opening up to me. I want to be free, I want to yell it to the top. But why should I. Do I feel ashamed. Loss of my job? Clientele? Prejudice at school and among colleagues? Yes. No. All of the above. At times I doubt what it means to be a Satanist. I feel at times that I am not good enough to represent Father, but I realize I have lost my mind. It is in that moment I saw clarity. My own insecurities, trying to please all, trying to friend all. Fuck it. The only people I need in my life are my parents, my man and Satan. He holds me up, reassure me, helps me and guides me, let’s me regain my connection. I have weathered the storm and I came out stronger than before. I rather have allies instead of friends. I need only them. I need Satan as he walks with me. I see the foolishness I have been apart of. I am leery and tired of stepping in bullshit. My spirituality awakens me to my most primal. I am a child of the dark, a child of him. With him as guidance I will break away and destroy my own insecurities. I will be a voice, striving for equality and top seed in this world along with others. It is time for me to help others see that Satanism strives for equality. We are involved in politics, academia, national affairs. We do not commit crimes for the hell of it. We strive to maintain balance in our lives and in those around us. To open peoples mind so they can see what others have stolen and hidden from them. We seek to enlighten all. Open your mind, awaken yourself from that dead sleep you have been in.


I am a Satanist. I will not let those determine my voice. My style. Nor my direction in life. Friends come and go….Blood is thicker than water….Family is the first to fuck you. But you have to push past it all and keep it moving…never let anything or anyone break your stride. They may knock us off-balance every so often…but not enough to STOP US. All I need in my life is the love of Satan, his wisdom and my man working together so we can take down the idiocy that has stricken this world. My path is one less traveled, always overlooked and passed over. That is just fine with me.


I have survived with broken limbs, torn ligaments, and bumps and bruises. My battle scars. It all leads up to strength that I have had in myself to continue and let nothing get in my way. Pain is what tells you how far you have come. No pain , no gain Life is not easy…and anything worth fighting for will drive you crazy.


I will stand among the Satanists of my era.


I will stand as a leader guiding more to their calling and to enlightenment.


I do not need you to validate me.


I am a Satanist. I can validate my damn self.


(c) Keona

Does a “Real” Satanist defy all structure, authority/institution, even Satan himself? (from my first blog)

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Does a “Real” Satanist defy all structure, authority/institution, even Satan himself?

I think the ego just got bigger than the stance. Why defy what/who gave you the power, knowledge to reach your potential. Sure my spiritual parents are assholes and we constantly disagree but to just act like they are beneath me is just wrong on so many levels. I will never do that. I will not forget that regardless of where I am, I had to be put here somehow. If I created myself, I wouldn’t be here amongst anyone.

This is more of the ego overtaking a position that was given more weight than what it is worth. It’s like they thought they created a storm when it was a tornado warning on tv they fail to watch.

This is what happens when ego, people kissing idiots asses and stupidity rolled up in one leads to. An overworked imagination that goes awry with numerous consequences that they are to stupid not to see.

Now yeah we defy authority and structure. We make our own. It is the ropes of intolerance and blissful arrogance that we defy. Seeking to break free and bring knowledge to an otherwise depressed and blinded society. We rebuild structure one brick at a time, hell sometimes by knocking over a damn building and erecting the original back up.

Never shun the person/being/plant/ gerbil that gave you the keys and tools to be where you are now. It is a long fall off of your pedestal.

(c) Rev Keona

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