What’s next?

Well I have 2 tarot workings coming up, a whole new path to get started on, hopefully a few classes I will be taking, a 30 day working, getting more hands on and intune within my own Covens/Houses, and why finishing up a few big projects that should have been done with.

A couple of new business ventures and whatever blows my way actually.

I have another month in which I have 2 more workings to do and then I will start my schedule for next year. Busy, but I will make damn sure I won’t over burden myself. Hopefully, I am pretty optimistic that I will have the workings scheduled weeks, if not months apart, and will just try to work on blogging more. It is difficult to always remember to write, especially when I have 14 hour days and all I want to do is sleep lol. But that is nothing but excuses lol.

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