Another Challenge #domagick

I really do love doing these challenges. It really gets the creative juices churning and you can get some really in-depth workings done when you have a strong focus.

This is another one by Andrieh Vitimus, I did one around 4 years ago that worked with angels and daemons for 30 days and that was an interesting type of hell lol. But I did learn about myself and those I chose to connect to.

This challenge mainly deals with meditation which I quickly jumped on. To be honest, I really didn’t want to do a challenge that involved a lot of research and preparation, mainly because I have exhausted myself in that means and just wanted to end the year on a less stressful note lol. Starting Dec 1st until Jan 1st I will be sharing the workings that I am doing.

My mate developed a working, House of Baal, in which you work with 3 main Daemons: Belial, Bael, and BaelZeBoul/BaelZeBub and the whole idea is for you to reach towards Self Mastery and Self Deification. Every day will be a deep meditation connection to these main Daemons and a host of others. It will be a mix of ritual work, meditation and just getting more contact with my higher self via connecting with the Divine. Guided meditations will be done, lunar workings, a whole gambit of shit basically.

What I enjoy about this and other workings, are the time that you spend working with the Daemons and other entities for an extended period of time. You get to really reach out and connect, and get to know yourself and explore your deeper subconscious, with out rushing or shit.

I will include pictures, video, any drawings and a summary of what the day’s working was about and how I felt after it was being done.

I will be posting on this main blog, but I will also be on other following platforms:




Not all platforms have the same information. I tend to switch it up so I and my readers won’t get bored as shit. Tomorrow will be a quick walk through on what I have plan for the next 32 days. Stay tuned.


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