#domagick Day 5

We Are One As One. 

My chant for working with My King, BaelZeBul. The mixture of Dragons Blood and Sandalwood has just taken my over. I gave my normal blood offerings and anointed my altar as usual. 

With this working I was walking in a desert,  looking down I had on my gold and white dress from many years ago. I walk to the castle that seems to be just out the ordinary.  I open the large dark door and when I turn around the doors start to fall away like sand. I turn around round and walk up the only flight of winding stairs. I see him. On his throne. Looking at me. My King. He grands my hand and leads me to the empty thrown beside him. There is nothing but around round vast hallway in front of me now. There are doors all over the place. He said here is where I created everything in my life. From good to bad. It had brought me to where I am, and I will continue to rise. He stood up, and pulled me up with him. He twirled me around (and lately my Daemons have been ballroom dancing with me, but I’m not complaining ), and I ended up in a large room. 

It was decked out in purples and blues, all deep colors. In the middle was a very large and very black candle. It had to be 8 in wide and around 2 ft tall. The flame however was red. I sat cross legged and hovered in front of the candle as it was not touching the floor. I held out my left hand and when I looked in my right, there was this dragon lancet. The dragons tongue was a small blade with a tube attached that I saw go through the body of the dragon. So I did what I knew to do. I pressed the button under the dragons chin, the blade shot out and it stayed on my finger. The nlood flowed through the body and I moved it the the oh candle flame. Instead of popping like it always does, my blood wrapped around the hehe flame and became it. I let theohehehe button go and when I looked at my finger it was healed. 

Looking up I saw BaelZeBul. He was in all dark blue garb with a black sash arundel his waist and both forarms. His dragon staff was wrapped around his left arm. I knew what was going to happen next. I use to dread it  but now I enjoy it  he doesn’t kiss me in a runs sense we arundel familiar with, he transfers what I need into me directly. He vomits snakes, soiders, scarabs, and other death bugs and serpents directly into my mouth. I always have enhanced sight, better flow with my magic and new ideas that where there but refreshed. During that kiss, we sink into the tar, because that is what it smells like. It’s thick, black, and it burns my skin aND heals me at the same time. 

My card pulls for today where both protection cards, Go the Distance and The Fates.

For Going the Distance it’s a time to listen to my soul and let go of things that are not important.  Learn to conserve my energy and be selective about where to expend it  

The Fates is telling me certain situations are just meant to be. So if I open up and tend align myself with The Fates, I can have peace of mind of those things that I can not change and then I will have serenity.  

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