#domagick Day 9

Today was a late day. Laundry, organizing my books, more laundry and more fucking laundry lol.  But I still managed to get my time in and do my drawings.

Baal Vercerah is a personal Daemon that i have encountered (actually the created of this House has worked with my personal Daemon as he appeared to him as well). Years back honestly. Today was his day. From him I walked the in-between of the Qlipphoth. It’s a working that I will be undertaking again. I did it before and I want to and need to go through it a few more times for different reasons in different ways. There is never a thing as too many.
He has no enn. Only a calling that I said 4x. I really don’t need to call him. When I think of him he reaches out. He is associated with pain. I have what feels like a hammer to my temple when he appears. Probably because I was hardheaded af when he came to me. Lol. I stay getting in trouble back then. I was a real hotheaded bitch.

I got a quick and sharp headache. He is very chaotic, and in the beginning I would get extremely ill and have severe head pains when I worked with him. It has been a while so it took me by surprise. His realm is dark. Gray, stony area. No lanterns lit, but there is light coming from somewhere.  It could be from him but I cannot pinpoint the source. I can see my breath but I feel no coldness. However my physical body shivered and it’s normally physical feels what Astral feels. But not this time. Interesting.

He’s standing behind me, yelling. Yeah I messed up years ago and he didn’t forget. But the yelling calms down to stern understanding.  Hat went wrong, what needs to be done again, how I have changed and that it is about time I grow up. Pay attention. To what really matters and stop making excuses.

I am in a hallway. With doors lining down the side. Each one different. Realms. Past lives. Past experiences. The not so distant past and future. Pain. Promise. It’s all there behind these doors. There is much more explained and shown to me. Trying to keep these notes up are amazing. He is a jackass though lol. He didn’t want a card pulled. But then decide to tell me which one. I made a comment, he laughed then said no pick the first one idiot. Sigh lol.

I picked Never ending story. Lol! Just to hilarious, this card has 2 meanings. One, how I need to embrace the sides of me that have always played victim and feel like I need to be babied because I wasn’t  strong enough to take care of my own shit. And the second is that what he has given me seems that it will take more than the time he is saying, and it may lead to more workings. At the end of this challenge I’m going to have an insurmountable list of workings that need to get done, restarted, revised, reeverything!

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