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#domagick Day 9

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Today was a late day. Laundry, organizing my books, more laundry and more fucking laundry lol.  But I still managed to get my time in and do my drawings.

Baal Vercerah is a personal Daemon that i have encountered (actually the created of this House has worked with my personal Daemon as he appeared to him as well). Years back honestly. Today was his day. From him I walked the in-between of the Qlipphoth. It’s a working that I will be undertaking again. I did it before and I want to and need to go through it a few more times for different reasons in different ways. There is never a thing as too many.
He has no enn. Only a calling that I said 4x. I really don’t need to call him. When I think of him he reaches out. He is associated with pain. I have what feels like a hammer to my temple when he appears. Probably because I was hardheaded af when he came to me. Lol. I stay getting in trouble back then. I was a real hotheaded bitch.

I got a quick and sharp headache. He is very chaotic, and in the beginning I would get extremely ill and have severe head pains when I worked with him. It has been a while so it took me by surprise. His realm is dark. Gray, stony area. No lanterns lit, but there is light coming from somewhere.  It could be from him but I cannot pinpoint the source. I can see my breath but I feel no coldness. However my physical body shivered and it’s normally physical feels what Astral feels. But not this time. Interesting.

He’s standing behind me, yelling. Yeah I messed up years ago and he didn’t forget. But the yelling calms down to stern understanding.  Hat went wrong, what needs to be done again, how I have changed and that it is about time I grow up. Pay attention. To what really matters and stop making excuses.

I am in a hallway. With doors lining down the side. Each one different. Realms. Past lives. Past experiences. The not so distant past and future. Pain. Promise. It’s all there behind these doors. There is much more explained and shown to me. Trying to keep these notes up are amazing. He is a jackass though lol. He didn’t want a card pulled. But then decide to tell me which one. I made a comment, he laughed then said no pick the first one idiot. Sigh lol.

I picked Never ending story. Lol! Just to hilarious, this card has 2 meanings. One, how I need to embrace the sides of me that have always played victim and feel like I need to be babied because I wasn’t  strong enough to take care of my own shit. And the second is that what he has given me seems that it will take more than the time he is saying, and it may lead to more workings. At the end of this challenge I’m going to have an insurmountable list of workings that need to get done, restarted, revised, reeverything!

#domagick Day 8

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Today is my meditation with Aupep. The most beastial being I have worked with. I didn’t recite his enn this time, instead I recited this poem of opening into chaotic waters.
I see Aupep. Looking like the Dragon from Dragon Ball Z. Around him is a portal opening of pure fire. I am walking towards him and his tail slashes my arms from shoulder to wrist. But it isn’t blood spilling. It’s lava. It’s falling from my arm in spirals. It’s dripping in spirals onto the ground, as I walk into the fire portal to converse with Aupep. Once in the portal it seals, and it’s only darkness. The ring of fire is my only light source. I look down and I am walking on the teeth of serpents. As I walk, they are cutting into my feet, become one with my flesh. The lava blood is flowing from my veins and on the side of me are more serpents. The lava spills on them and they turn to ash. When they fall they fall upwards and wrap themselves around my open cut. And continue to do so until they are covering my arms. I hear Him say “We Are One. As One”. I look at my hands and they have serpent teeth at the end of them. My nails are no longer nails, but the teeth of what I was walking on.

I turn around and I am in a desert. I hear blades clinging, but I see nothing. I’m on flat land and I can see for miles. But I only hear the blades. Normally my ass would run off and go exploring,  but this time I crossed my legs and fell to the ground. I’m acting bratty lol. I close eyes. I feel myself raise up and when I open them I’m looking at a dragons head on a serpents body. Yellow fluid is dripping from its veins. Annnnnddddd it takes off. Lol, I’m like shit.  The sky changes from sort of dusk to purple. I have no clue what planet I’m on because when I look up, instead of seeing the Moon, I see Earth. Well shit.  I know I can’t see it from Jupiter, plus I go there too much so I know this place isn’t it. Uranus comes to mind but I can’t see Earth, but it feels right. If not, then I am pretty sure I’m on a planet in a different damn solar system. I hear the clanging of metal. And I be damned. Are those Titans that I see fighting? Unholy hell! The Serpent I’m riding, which I’m pretty sure is Aupep, is speeding through the desert; but they are so large that it looks like we are just walking casually buy, instead of speeding at, at least 60 mph. Before I can comprehend, I’m back where I started. Wth dude. Damn it Aupep, you do this every time we meet lol.

I stand up and turn around and it’s Him. Giving off a Piccolo feel to him. He has my weapon in his hand, wearing gold and green Armour. His face is that of a dragon, a humanesque body with a very long and pointed tail. I look at my weapon, forgetting how he got it. I mean he is Aupep, he can have whatever he want, I’m not telling him no lol! In the scepter is a dark green blob of something. I take my weapon and look at it. It’s zooming in the scepter as if trying to break free. I hold my right hand up and wave it in front of it, and a man forms. Well humanoid figure forms. It is of a dark green color in the lotus position, with his third eye open. It flashes from ruby to garnet constantly. He smiles and stands up. I’m amazed. I move my hand and He forms back to a blob and darts around again.  Again, I hold my hand up and we have a nice talk for a few.

Aupep and I talk for a few more. He is always imparting wisdom, giving me a kick up the ass and pushing me harder. To open up more, to feel more.

I blink and I’m back in front of the portal. The ring of fire. The portal is now just a mirror. Those ashes of the serpents are still fresh on my skin, the lava blood is still dripping out, albeit very slowly. He is behind me in the Mirror. It’s always a sadness when he leaves. It feels like a part of me aches for him to come back. But he knows I am strong, and it’s just my human emotions getting the best of me. After all, being back on Earth really isn’t everyone’s dream vacation lol.

I drew 2 cards, Not for You in the protection pose and Higher Power.

Not For You says stop chasing what’s running from you, and stop trying to make things work. Just move in. There are better things for you. You see the red flags, heed them and move on. I need to trust that something better is waiting for me.

Higher Power, reminds me that I am conscious for a reason. I’m here for a reason. I need to let that reason be the for front with more meditation. Relationship wise my connection to the Spirit is number one. But this card also means that I am partnered with someone who is very essential in my growth and evolution.   The main message is let my Spirit Lead. Know that you are not alone. Have humility.

The Book of Smokeless Fire by S Ben Qayin

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So I was able to add another book to my Occult library and my spiritual practice. This book was The Book of Smokeless Fire by S Ben Qayin. I came across this author when I was reading the book Sabbatica, and he was one of the few authors that I connected with in his article. So I was on board to get this book when it was released. I have not been dissapoointed. I ordered the book Tuesday, it arrived Thursday, I picked it up Friday and finished it Saturday. Best time spent in my opinion.


Not only is the book worth its money but it has this beautiful geometric design on the cover that just resonates with me. It’s just gorgeous. There are two sections in this book: Book I: Origin of Darkness and Book II: Summoning the Infernal Djinn. With every section there are beautiful pictures of geometric sigils between sections. Eye candy basically.


In Book I you are given a history of the Djinn, an introduction to the system and you are treated to quotes from authors you may have or haven’t heard of. And if you are like mw, they will be added to your must have list as you read through the book. There is also an explanation of how the Goetia we know came to be and where the beginnings came from and how information was added throughout the centuries. Very interesting as it was like an aha moment for me at least. You are also welcomed to the Triangles of Arte and the Circles. The description is enough to make you want to draw them out and get to working. But please resist. For now. There is a good section on vibration and intonation, which is very important in any working that you do. Without the right vibration, your working may not manifest or you may have to do it again, and it has happened to me. So always pay attention and be aware and try not to rush things. The last section of Book I is the Lunate Script. This, this is just beautiful. By the time you have drawn out your script and the Triangles de Arte you should have full intention and your complete will/energy, would have been transferred into the working and your connection should be very strong. The imagery, is enough to make you trance out. Only me? Well alrighty then.


Book II starts out with a very powerful meditation called Aligning with True Chaos. This is a fucking powerful meditation. With you taking upon true Chaos in its purest form you will definitely fill the power welling up inside you and bursting forth. This is how you kick off a section. You then go into the conjuration and then you are introduced to the 72 Djinn and the commander of the Djinn themselves.


NOTE OF WARNING: These Djinn are here for one thing. To cause pain, suffering an strife within the human world. These are not the Djinn you can call and talk to, because they would probably kill you. The forces that you will call upon need to be set out to do their mission.  They are used to cause madness on your foe, to torment your enemy, and remove them from this world. You do not call upon these Djinn because your boyfriend cheated on, or your friend didn’t pay you back. This is when you need to rid someone because they cause you intentional harm, or your closets friends and family. You must be of a strong mind, and be confident in what is to happen. They will be utilized for their purpose and you will show them respect. These are not forces that you think you can talk to because you are so “dark”. Grow up. This is grown people shit, and if and when you use them, it better be worth it and you better want them to do what you have called them for. If not, kiss your ass goodbye.


This book was a very pleasant read and I do plan on utilizing the techniques in this book and most definitely the mediation to its fullest benefit. If you are into Necromantic Arts this book is the darkest I have come across yet. It is totally worth money, and it will forever change how you do your darker workings. I recommend this book for people looking for that Darker Magick, who will utilize it to their fullest potential.

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