#domagick Day 13

Today why meditation was with Baal Hammon. It was not a lot going on , it was very peaceful so this entry is going to be short.

When I connected to him, I saw gray all around me. There was no other color, no sound, no nothing. I heard his voice welcoming me. I sat down in the lotus  position and I had a few beams of pale yellow light strike the ground around me. It was peaceful. He wanted me to focus on just clearing my mind and being with myself. It was so peaceful. He told me to also look into horns, as that should strongly be apart of my meditation routine. So I will be browsing online for instrumentals that contain horns.

What I did do, was on my way to school I meditated for the last part of my trip, since I am taking the train for the last few days of school. I never gad a more relaxing trip. I also did the meditation on the way back. I used the trains vibration to have the sound coming in, and leaving my body. No stress, and I felt pleasant after getting off the train; and no one feels good getting off of public transportation during rush hour lol.

he told me to pick a card and surprisingly, and ironically I choose Peace.

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