#domagick Day 14

Today I had my meditation with Baal Baphomet. And I can tell you it is and was intense and relaxing. Most of it won’t be shared, but she did give me so many pieces of information. Yes, I said she. 

I received a beautiful meditation that I did after I left the house, so a full hour in a deep meditative state while on the train was very beautiful. I mixed in Baal Hammons’ meditational pillar and it qas beauitful. I have never felt so peaceful as I did today. It was totally amazing. 

She instructed me to pull 3 cards. Breathe upright,  Flexible upright and Clean Up protection pose.  

Breathe and Flexible both tell me too relax,  mediate and be free.  

Clean Up protection pose was more of a low blow.  Why they have to be so correct lol.  

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