#domagick  Day 16

Today I did part 2 of yesterday’s meditation. The third one will be tomorrow.  Here a dived into the world of the Fulani. And the messages delivered where personal. I think I’m getting to the part of this challenge that the deeper I go, the more personal the messages get. But I will share what I can. 
The scenery is beautiful.  Being in a tribal area that seems familiar. Watching the water rush over us and knock out breaths out so we breathe water instead of air was very deep for me. I was given a porcelain pitcher of milk and honey to keep and nurture. As well as a task of getting to know my people more.

Again the Goddess I talked to brought tears to my eyes, and another part of myself opened up, unlocked.

Before I began my meditation. I was told to pick 2 cards. Milk and honey protection pose (irony), and Come to the Edge.

Milk and honey protection pose says I am so loved and care for and I need to feel that love and compassion within myself. Let go and trust the divine in healing.

 Come to the edge says to step into the unknown to find your miracles.  Let your self be truly seen in your relationship even if it is scary. Take a leap of faith despite your fears. The unknown is the only choice


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