#domagick Day 15

The beginning of my school vacation , and halfway through this challenge.  It’s beautiful and has been an amazing journey so far. I am more excited to see how my meditation progress and visions and other sense grow upon this challenge. 

Today I spent time working with the Warriors and the Priesthood. I was able to sit down and have some good conversations,  some excellent clarification of power usage and how to properly apply what I have learned and developed in a very deadly way. It’s been years working on these skills, but they don’t come in handy since you have to push my quite far. But I am always ready, better safe then never. 

Very cryptic post, not a lot of information only because it’s something that can only be understand by one other person and it’s personal.  Can’t share all my secrets. 

The incense’s where both more smoky than usual, they reached out toward me way more this time. Not clearing up as fast as normal. Very interesting.  

Card draws are A Leg Up, Thinker and Chaos and Conflict all in protection poses. The first one tell me that there is nothing wrong with working with others, they can actually help me move ahead and faster in my goals.  Thinker told me to just meditate, breathe and try not to be so in the moment. Everything is a go. The last card just confirmed that with all I have on my plate it is safe to just jump in and grab what slaps me fiest. I’m in a very positive light right now and all favors are good to go. 

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