#domagick Day 21

Happy Yule Everyone. Hope your enjoying today and making the best of it.

Today’s meditation was with the White Cube. Reiki World. Reiki Matrix.

Quietness was all that was there. I was in an entirely white space walking on white water. I was in all white, everything was white except for my skin, even my eyes. I kept hearing “reiki world, reiki matrix”. Then I was falling into the water and the words, the Chinese characters for reiki  rushed towards me, wrapped themselves around me and broke apart, then wrapped around me as absorbed in. Then my lungs was filling up with the water and the symbols came rushing at my third eye so fast and so many that they clumped on my third eye. Again absorbing into my third eye, and all I can hear is “reiki world, reiki matrix, reiki wolrd, reiki matrix”, over and over again.

Then there was nothingness. Just floating in the whiteness. Floating in the current and energy of powerful waves hitting me and washing over my body.

And at this point 2 of my three dogs run down here, jump in my bed, argue with one another; with Ginger taking my stuff animal upstairs and Lucy chasing after her. Then Snoop comes down, jumps on the bed and lays next to me and go to sleep. Now I can read my cards lol!

I drew Time to Go and Round and Round right side up. 

Time to Go confirmed a presence in my life that needs to get the boot. Very hilarious but something that needs to be done. 

Round and Round everything I am doing I have seen before. Which is completely true. I now who I will be talking to, the places I will be working weeks before it happens, that good ole dejavu.  But it’s also a time for me to do things better a second time around. 

 Both of these cards are extremely fitting coming to the extremely of the year. 

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