Yule Tarot Spread 

So my spread will be posted below. It took some fanagling to get it all in there. The readings where interesting. So frustrating lol. 

1. 3 of wands, virtue- Primeval energy guides me
2. XI Lust – Using my inherent magical power should help strengthen me.
3. 10 Cups, Satiety – be a little rough around the edges but can be handled.
4 XXI universe- this said equilibrium between change and stability and man that is going to be one hell of a combination, just because I am resistant to change.
5. Queen of Disks- Tons of ambition
6. Prince of Swords- Intellect will please me more than anything.
7. 7 of wands- Exuberant chaos that needs to be explored
8. 8 of swords, interferences – a lot of accidents are going to hapoen, may be good may be bad, who knows.
9. XVIII moon- the hidden darkness where Anpu is the key
10. 7 of swords, futility – compromise, figures lol.
11. 8 of disks, prudence- be wise in business ventures and my brand
12. 4 of wands, completion- order, and honesty 

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