#domagick Two for one

This morning I started with the Warrior Pose and did two positions while chanting to myself the House Anthem. I then finished with the Mountain Pose and that was a perfect fit.

I felt the rush and pull again and then I got a little hint. I will be adding a small temporary death and sex altar to my main one, to help solidify my foundational workings. I have a few Spirits that I need to reach out to and connect, so I can receive some guidance. Some workings that need to happen.


I have opened the chakras and I am ready to continue on that pathworking that got set to the side. a few years ago. Time to dust it off and get it cracking again, in the words of my boyfriend lol.

But I do feel better and I am happy that I found the right pose to help clear some blockages. The work has just begun.

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