#domagick Warrior Pose and the Root

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This morning I did my normal 15 minute meditation with my blood candle, and then I did my Warrior pose.


I did mine this way, as there are 2 poses and just like with yesterday, I felt that rush of energy coming into my hands and down my spine and shooting out of my feet into the ground. I felt so connected, I felt everything open up, I felt the coolness. I did the stretch and felt the pull within my arms and felt that pull down to my feet. I love the feeling of opening myself up and being able to have a clearer connection to my root and what I can sense and how to improve it.

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I love it! I didn’t have a clue of how I was going to feel, but I knew that it would be changing me in good ways. I can see that by how the beginning is going, that I will have a chakra yoga session every morning along with my 15 min blood candle meditation. I am loving this so far, it is really helping to awaken my senses even more and to keep the lines open.

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