#domagick Sore Throat

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I awoke with a sore throat. Great, what a way to work with the chakra. On my cycle for the sacral and know a sore throat for the throat lol. Man. Anyway, I got up and did my morning meditation, noting how bright the light is shining. I then did the lions pose, and it was very enlightening. I felt the, I felt a growing and pulling from my throat. I felt it swell, I felt it heat up.

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This pose was really weird, but the overall effect that I received from it was very opening to say the least. I did it a few times, and each time i felt clearing, without the soreness in my throat. But for that I also am drinking peppermint tea. I don’t want to take advantage and think it is nothing and then be sick as a dog. I will be making sure I am fine so I don’t get sick. I haven’t been sick this whole season or in years, and I don’t plan on being sick now.

My meditation this morning was a lot longer than the norm, and it was a welcome change.

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