March’s Workings

The main theme of this month is Shadow working, I will be doing this 3 times. One for the ToAF ( I want to perform and tweak it before it goes out), one for my mate (if he still wants to do it), and one for the Female Occult group I admin. Each three will be tailored for specific purposes of the group.

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This month will be research for next months #domagick challenge. I am really loving these bi monthly challenges. It really helps me focus on the project that I am doing.

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The Spring Equinox is approaching and I have a week long ritual planned along with a tarot spread.

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Two full and a new moon, so another 3 tarot spreads that are 3 days each. I try to maximize my spreads and really want to be better when it comes to the Moon cycles.

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There is the Rite to Lucifer that I am really looking forward to. I have been very bad at honoring those I love, and I am making sure that I make more of an effort. I mean I work with them, but to me I  fail at honoring them the way that I want to . So this year, I am going to enjoy my rites with them.

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