#domagick Saturday Reflections : Air


This week was very different than last week. Considering we actually had 4 days of good weather that made a big difference. So this week from Sunday to Friday all the post are already scheduled out from the beginning of the month so things have changed. Which I think is very awesome. I love to see how things progress and change from day to day and week to week. I actually have a planner that is specifically for my Spiritual Journey’s and workings. That way I can use them as a planner of rituals and a mini journal so I can update my blog and when I need to redo the workings.

So Sundays is the same and they will never change. I removed the stagnant air with the sensation of choking. It wasn’t as bad as when I first did this cleansing, so I am grateful for that.

Monday I was supposed to listen to this horn elemental for Hammon but instead I just had him on my mind the entire day. It was comforting and felt like we were having a deep conversation however no words or sounds where used. Just his presence, and that was very comforting.

Tuesday I was able to sit outside in the sun and let my connection to Lucifer come through with the breeze. I decided to have lunch outside and shared my meal with him. I let him replenish my air with the cool breeze that was flowing through the day. I connected with him for a good 4-5 hours and I never felt so full of life, and so full of a smarter breath, if it makes any sense.

Wednesday I connected with Mercury, and I wasn’t sure if that was a good idea since it is in retrograde, but it doesn’t affect me so I was like why not. So again, I sat outside for a few hours and just looked up to connect with Mercury. I was able to get some good communication in with my boo and my King and was able to express myself much more freely. Which I normally have problems doing. But Wednesday was the day to get it in. Thursday was a connection with Jupiter but he is Fire and not for this working, so I just extended my communication with Mercury for one more day. I had to express myself in a harsher way and had to get somethings off of my chest but I was still able to do so tactfully and with no backfire, which is freaking awesome. Normally when I express myself someone gets their panties in a bunch, or cries, or some bullshit; so this was a welcoming change of pace.

Friday was my tarot reading with the Wands suit and I kept hearing “One card, One draw.” So I shuffled and my focus was what the week held for me, what represents the Air in my life. And I was not disappointing. 6 Swords, the Science card. I am a scientist, and a medical professional. And my education means a lot to me. My profession is changing and improving and I have been making the right decisions, and I am glad for that clarification.

Today is a day of reflection which I have already done, so it is technically a down day and I can relax before the next weeks workings. Which will be freaking intense as I am working with Fire lol. Man this is going to be interesting. I have all the big dog Deities, hellish planets, and a very serious suit lol. Man this is going to be interesting.


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