#domagick Fire Abound

I am into my 3rd week of elemental cleansing.  I have equal Fire and Water in my charts and I really exhibit both these elemental makeups. So I decided to do Fire second to last.

This working is going to be very explosive, mainly because my Fiery side is damn near out of control lol, at times. And I will be working with Sekhmet, my Matron in everything this week. Even with the planets.

I will be removing the old fire, and replacing it by working with Sekhmet and Baal. Doing Planetary workings with Mars and the Sun, a tarot reading using the Wands of the Thoth deck.

So this week is filled with heavy hitters and a lot of explosive energy, and I will be working to really be one with the Fire and all of its qualities. Control and work with the negative and enhance the positive.

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