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#domagick Saturday’s Reflections: Water

Posted in Important Posts with tags , , , , , on 04/28/2018 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

I just knew I was going to have a beautiful week…aaaaannnnddd I was wrong lol. I mean it is a beautiful week but this weeks working was hell on my nerves and emotions. But what would and who would I be if I didn’t have my emotional state charged up by my House and Patron.

Sunday started out as normal. Removed the stagnant water so I can be refreshed. It wasn’t that draining surprisingly. I was expecting more of a drain being it is more than half of me. But hey.

Monday I worked with Leviathan, my Patron to replace new water with me. Deal with any emotional upheavals that may be coming through or other issues that I need to deal with.

Tuesday I worked with Lilith and water replacement, more specifically the sexual part of me. And man does that need more work than what I thought. That is why I have an altar devoted to Lilith and Asmodeus (my spiritual parents) just for this deep working.

Wednesday was connecting to the Moon that triggered my cycle to come a few days early lol. But it did help me be in a better, happier, and more productive person for this week. It also triggered more emotions that needs to be hashed out so I can continue to speak openly and communicate better in my relationships. But man does this shit get old lol.

Thursday I was under Neptune’s influence and that just brought out a lot of more emotions, and I never really fucked with Neptune like that. I have always wanted to get closer to this planet, and it had me just putting myself first and still trying to express myself with new info being thrown my way. Got to love it.

Friday I pulled the 6 of Cups, Pleasure, and that is how this week ended. Which is pretty true when it comes to how this week ended and how it was going lol. Pretty tame still compared to all my other elemental workings.

The next few days I will get in-depth with the Deities and the planets and how they affected me, plus any more good tidbits.

#domagick Saturday Reflections : Air

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This week was very different than last week. Considering we actually had 4 days of good weather that made a big difference. So this week from Sunday to Friday all the post are already scheduled out from the beginning of the month so things have changed. Which I think is very awesome. I love to see how things progress and change from day to day and week to week. I actually have a planner that is specifically for my Spiritual Journey’s and workings. That way I can use them as a planner of rituals and a mini journal so I can update my blog and when I need to redo the workings.

So Sundays is the same and they will never change. I removed the stagnant air with the sensation of choking. It wasn’t as bad as when I first did this cleansing, so I am grateful for that.

Monday I was supposed to listen to this horn elemental for Hammon but instead I just had him on my mind the entire day. It was comforting and felt like we were having a deep conversation however no words or sounds where used. Just his presence, and that was very comforting.

Tuesday I was able to sit outside in the sun and let my connection to Lucifer come through with the breeze. I decided to have lunch outside and shared my meal with him. I let him replenish my air with the cool breeze that was flowing through the day. I connected with him for a good 4-5 hours and I never felt so full of life, and so full of a smarter breath, if it makes any sense.

Wednesday I connected with Mercury, and I wasn’t sure if that was a good idea since it is in retrograde, but it doesn’t affect me so I was like why not. So again, I sat outside for a few hours and just looked up to connect with Mercury. I was able to get some good communication in with my boo and my King and was able to express myself much more freely. Which I normally have problems doing. But Wednesday was the day to get it in. Thursday was a connection with Jupiter but he is Fire and not for this working, so I just extended my communication with Mercury for one more day. I had to express myself in a harsher way and had to get somethings off of my chest but I was still able to do so tactfully and with no backfire, which is freaking awesome. Normally when I express myself someone gets their panties in a bunch, or cries, or some bullshit; so this was a welcoming change of pace.

Friday was my tarot reading with the Wands suit and I kept hearing “One card, One draw.” So I shuffled and my focus was what the week held for me, what represents the Air in my life. And I was not disappointing. 6 Swords, the Science card. I am a scientist, and a medical professional. And my education means a lot to me. My profession is changing and improving and I have been making the right decisions, and I am glad for that clarification.

Today is a day of reflection which I have already done, so it is technically a down day and I can relax before the next weeks workings. Which will be freaking intense as I am working with Fire lol. Man this is going to be interesting. I have all the big dog Deities, hellish planets, and a very serious suit lol. Man this is going to be interesting.


#domagick Riding with Jupiter

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Today is Jupiter’s day. I frequently visit my favorite planet so my workings here should be very personal and deep. I always refresh myself in the pools of black liquid, talk with the Natives and enjoy meaningful conversations and as always, there are symbols giving to me. It is a pleasant time for me at my Home planet.

I look very forward to working with the family on Jupiter to help reconstruct the nature of Air. it is going to be a very bumpy ride.

#domagick Earthly working with Baelzebub

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Last night I felt and had some interesting interactions with Belial. In him working with me to replenish Earth, i felt that I was turned into a tree, and I kept feeling the color brown. It was very refreshing and interesting. Something very new to me.

Tonight I will be replenishing the rest of the Earth with Baelzebub. He has gentle ways about him when we work together and I look forward to what this nights working will bring.

#domagick Elemental Cleansing

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So in my previous post I think I said I was going to do all 5 elements, at like 6 days each. Well scratch that lol, I am only going to do 4 at one week each and save the last 2 days for something that combines them all together.

download (1)

My first week I will be working with Earth. It is my weakest element, barely found in my natal chart and just overall not as impressive as it should be. What I will do is use the elemental balancing ritual from S. Connolly to remove the old element energy and infuse it with new energy via this ritual on her website called Elemental Balancing that is in a pdf of her Modern Demonolatry Book. I will do this with every element for the month.

I then will work with the Demonic Pantheon of my House (that relate to the element I am focusing on) to help cleanse and strengthen the element that I am working on. I am also include cleansing using Plantery Magick, color healing as well.

download (1)

The second week I will be working on Air, to get that intelligence even more finely tuned. It is my second weakest element, and I am not really surprised.

download (1)

Fire is the third week, and I am equal in Fire and Water. But I figure I might as well work with this one next and utilize meditations and mantras from my Matron Sekhmet to get me through this week.

download (1)

Lastly I will be working on Water. My strongest element, as I am a Water sign. I will be working with my Patron Leviathan for this week, and I know we will get in some good workings and cleanings, meditations and more.

download (2)

I am going to throw Spirit in there as a balancing act the last two days, doing nothing but bringing all the elements together and making them one. I will be working with the House as a whole and will get 2 full days of completion before I add it to my regular workings.

These are the 4 books I will be working through, in addition to a lot of my personal workings and collections that I have had over the past couple decades. So I will be having a very interesting month of April. I look forward to more growth and challenges on my path.

And of course, you know there will be 5 tarot pulls, I mean I really can’t go a month without doing at least 5 pulls.

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