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Domagick Enchantment

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My Matron and Patron altar are getting a makeover as well. I mean why not lol.

Sekhmet’s side will be in red with orange and yellow accents. While Leviathan’s side will be blue with gray and white accents.

I have the Dragon incense for Him but i remember why I didn’t like it. The cones barely stay lit and it is so difficult to get the cones in there. Duo it will just be used as a statue for him while i figure out what to replace it with. I changed this setup around a few times. Still not happy with it, so at this time it still looks like the picture.

The same goes for Sekhmets altar. Multiple changes and i swear I have no idea where her body went. I had it and fit the past few months I haven’t been able too find it. I have been through all my totes, boxes, the carafe and shed and the entire house and all my purses and nothing. So I’m looking forward tho investing into a new Statue for Her.

The bottom piece that you may not see will be purple. A combination off red and blue. I look forward to working with this altar and seeing what it turns into to.

#domagick Saturday Reflections: Fire

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I am loving these reflections. It frees me up through out the week to just schedule posts and see how they actually turn out versus how I want them to turn out. We all know magick does what it wants and how it will improve you, not necessarily how you want it to be.

I had a beautiful week. I removed the old Fire and it was replaced perfectly when working Sekhmet and Baal. I was intending for this working to be very aggressive but it wasn’t. I did say “no” a lot this week and it felt so good. I was more assertive and showing that no one can be better at my job then me and it paid off. Also in thanks to Belphegore and my Prosperity altar.

My working with Mars and the Sun was similar to the Gods. It was passive but it made me stronger. Just like with the Gods I expected a hell of a hard time, but it didn’t happen that way this time. It was me just connecting to their energy and current and just riding the waves of that connection and applying it into the week. It was awesome.

My card draw was 4 of Wands, Completion from the Thoth deck and that summed up the purpose and how I did with my Fire working. It was satisfactorily completed. It was amazing.

I am relaxing today and tomorrow starts the final full week of elementals. Water. My sign. My strength. I look forward to see how it will play and adjust me to its desires instead of me making it mine. I love the workings so far and I like this format. The reflections have been an added bonus.

#domagick The Cards are Hot

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Working with the Wands in my Thoth set will give me a reading of how I have handled my workings this week and what probably needs to be worked on and enhanced.

#domagick The Sun is Hot, let me touch it

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It is going to be an interesting week working with the Sun. I am pretty sure I have gotten darker during this week of workings, which is cool. I can be dark chocolate instead of just chocolate. The amount of water during this week will be staggering, and I will share it with you in Saturday’s reflection.

#domagick Rocking with Mars

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Dude I have no idea why I even set myself up for this week workings like this lol. But I need to have more in-depth workings with the Fire element.

Connecting to the power house Mars is going to be extremely new for me. I never worked directly with Mars, hell not even indirectly. I don’t think. Don’t quote me on that, my memory is not that good.

Mars is also a ruling planet of mine, more so than Pluto they say. I always gravitated towards Pluto so this will give me a better chance and time to work with Mars.

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