#domagick Saturday’s Reflections: Water

I just knew I was going to have a beautiful week…aaaaannnnddd I was wrong lol. I mean it is a beautiful week but this weeks working was hell on my nerves and emotions. But what would and who would I be if I didn’t have my emotional state charged up by my House and Patron.

Sunday started out as normal. Removed the stagnant water so I can be refreshed. It wasn’t that draining surprisingly. I was expecting more of a drain being it is more than half of me. But hey.

Monday I worked with Leviathan, my Patron to replace new water with me. Deal with any emotional upheavals that may be coming through or other issues that I need to deal with.

Tuesday I worked with Lilith and water replacement, more specifically the sexual part of me. And man does that need more work than what I thought. That is why I have an altar devoted to Lilith and Asmodeus (my spiritual parents) just for this deep working.

Wednesday was connecting to the Moon that triggered my cycle to come a few days early lol. But it did help me be in a better, happier, and more productive person for this week. It also triggered more emotions that needs to be hashed out so I can continue to speak openly and communicate better in my relationships. But man does this shit get old lol.

Thursday I was under Neptune’s influence and that just brought out a lot of more emotions, and I never really fucked with Neptune like that. I have always wanted to get closer to this planet, and it had me just putting myself first and still trying to express myself with new info being thrown my way. Got to love it.

Friday I pulled the 6 of Cups, Pleasure, and that is how this week ended. Which is pretty true when it comes to how this week ended and how it was going lol. Pretty tame still compared to all my other elemental workings.

The next few days I will get in-depth with the Deities and the planets and how they affected me, plus any more good tidbits.

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