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Mystic Nirvana

Posted in Occult Shop Reviews with tags , , on 08/16/2021 by Keona-Mlh

Located in Worthington, OH this is a really cute shop. It is not big as only 8 or so people can fit in at a time, but they have some very good decks, stones and herbs.

I picked up a couple decks, some herbal tinctures and quite a few stones. I also picked up some cleansing and sacred spray. Being that I travel for work and stay in hotels, I cannot really use incense due to some restrictions of hotels. So I can modify my practice.

If you are in the area or traveling through, it is a good store to stop by. They also offer classes on psychic training and the like as well, and the prices are very reasonable. Like $10 a class.

New Herbal Shop

Posted in Occult Shop Reviews with tags , , , , on 09/12/2019 by Keona-Mlh

Well technically she sales a lot more than herbs, but I love her shop for the herbs she supplies. So thanks to an IG friend baby.abaddon I was able to find this cute little store based in PA.  It is called Talisman by Yanny and I am in love. I ordered 12 herbs at a really good price, $12.99. You damn sure can’t beat that.

The picture is how my order came and it even came with black tourmaline, in rose petals. It was wrapped so nicely and had a very cute note with it, and one about the crystal that was sent with me. You can choose the herbs you want, and how many. Again I purchased 12.

I purchased rose petals, jasmine flowers, rose buds and petals, mandrake root, calamus root, wormwood root, star anise, Valerian root, strawberry leaf, black salt, angelica root and mugwort herb. I am totally satisfied with my order, the quantity of the herbs, the pricing and the delivery.

You should check her out, and you can find her on IG under the same name as well. Happy shopping.

Witchy Wares

Posted in Occult Shop Reviews with tags , , , , on 07/28/2018 by Keona-Mlh

Starting in August I will be shopping from different stores every 2 weeks. Different online and brick and mortar, witch and occult/new age stores.

Why? Because I am an asshole when it comes to finding a shop that can do all that I need it to do.  But is it really a bad thing? I don’t think so anymore. There quite a few stores I have been checking and deciding would I support them and why should I.

There are roughly a dozen shops, big and small that I want to see how there service is. I mean,  buying from a shop and seeing how they things come packaged, the energy and feel of the products, the quality of course, and the prices.

There are some beautiful shops that have been opening up and they are the ones I really want to support. The people going into business for themselves. They have beautiful handmade products, and unique products that I really don’t see anywhere else. Besides I am not a good crater of oils, incense and tinctures myself. So being able to buy from someone who hand makes their products is something I really, really want to be able to do with confidence.

So next month and the rest of the year should be very interesting for me and for you.

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