Domagick Challenge Box completion

I have a few days left and still need to make a few pieces for the box. What I need to do is focus on the large letter K that I have. I will go into a meditative state and decorate the letter. I am really looking forward to this one.

The letter is cardboard, and I will only use pencils and paint on it. I am looking forward to how the rest of the box will turn out. I still have some items I need to get from JoAnns Fabric. I have one large more piece to draw and burn into the bottom of the box, and an addition to the underneath of the lid.

I already have the items that have been charging for a nice amount of time on the altar. Some teas and another item. I have a piece to order and a couple of books and then I should be okay. I cannot wait until it is completed. I will take a video of the final box and its items, and post it. I am looking forward to see how everything comes together.

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