October DoMagic: Invocation

This month I am doing invocations. This is going to be somewhat simple, as we know we can never really predict what goes on when we start a small ritual.

You are to invoke a being for a minimum of 30 minutes a day.

I have all mine written down, not picking any in any order, but making sure I am working with as any as I can in these next 31 days.

So I will write everything down and share on my site, and then I will record a video and post it on YouTube with any other odds and ends that I can share. So it may seem like double the work but they will be different.

I will be doing my invocations in the morning after my morning grounding, and stretching. That way I have enough time to do what I need to do for other groups and projects before work.

Today I will be invoking Belial. The posts will still be scheduled for 11 am in the morning as I will be getting up around 8 am. This post is being scheduled for 9 am today as an update will be posted at 915 am.


Below is my latest video about the challenge.

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