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Domagick Challenge Box completion

Posted in Rituals and Workings with tags , , , on 08/19/2018 by Keona-Mlh

I have a few days left and still need to make a few pieces for the box. What I need to do is focus on the large letter K that I have. I will go into a meditative state and decorate the letter. I am really looking forward to this one.

The letter is cardboard, and I will only use pencils and paint on it. I am looking forward to how the rest of the box will turn out. I still have some items I need to get from JoAnns Fabric. I have one large more piece to draw and burn into the bottom of the box, and an addition to the underneath of the lid.

I already have the items that have been charging for a nice amount of time on the altar. Some teas and another item. I have a piece to order and a couple of books and then I should be okay. I cannot wait until it is completed. I will take a video of the final box and its items, and post it. I am looking forward to see how everything comes together.

Box and plate construction

Posted in Rituals and Workings with tags , , , , , on 08/08/2018 by Keona-Mlh

So far I have finished, for now, the outside of the box. You will see the videos on my YouTube channel and IG account. (Keona Esh and keonakainathera respectively).

I put the fabric at the bottom of the book and will be writing and carving an inscription in the underneath of the lid. The last piece of this box is a drawing I will burn into the bottom of the box. I have a few ideas and doing some sketching so I can get the picture just right. I will be using a stencil, if I can find one, and then free handing the rest.

I have a “plate” and 4 medium size round wooden disks I am working on this week. By the time you read this I would be on the third disk. I am chanting over it with what my bf gave me, and using the visualizing technique he gave me as well.

The box has had blood added to it, cum and has been charged twice for 9 hours each time. His teas are ready and charging as well, and another piece that I will be adding my blood.

I have a couple of more items that need to go inside the box, that need to be ordered. Once I actually make it out the house and head to the store I will pick up those round, small pieces to attach to the book. I actually have quite a few pieces to make. I won’t go into to much detail, because he reads my blogs and watches my videos lol, so he saw half of his box and the rest is a surprise!

I can say that this month’s working is less hectic than the other months. Mainly because I was trying to post everyday no matter what. But I decided to let the working and the spirits guide me. And I am glad that I am posting 4 maybe 5 times a week. It is better for me to focus then worry about writing or recording. I have gotten a lot done and have been able to just talk it out with my bf and eh has given me some good ideas to improve on what I have.

So this week has been progressive and there will be more videos at the end of the week with the progress that has been done.

Cat Magick: Summoning the spirit of Bast through sigil magick by Anousen Leonte

Posted in Book Reviews with tags , , on 07/12/2014 by Keona-Mlh

I saw this kindle book when I was browsing a few nights ago, trying to see what else can catch my eye. Now this book is not large it is around 20 minutes or so, but it gives a nice amount of workings that you can do that will probably lead into a few months or more of workings. I always love books like this. If they are small they pack a punch.

It starts off giving some pertinent information of Bast/Beset/Ubastis/Bubastis. Shows her connection with Ra, her worshiping, and what she is known for and what she does.

The next section shows how to conduct a simplified ritual to summon her, her altar, and how to do the sigil. There are hint about incense and colors and beads, all for use with Bast. The ritual is briefly explained as it is of your own choosing what you decide to do. Afterwards there is the sitting in silence to absorb any and all information that you have received from her, to digest.

The last pages of the book are different sides of Bast that you can invoke. I never even thought about blending her with Planetary magick but it is very interesting and I can really see the benefits. Bast can be summoned by the following planets for a few of the following aspects( I will lit only three of the aspects):

None- use for communion, intuition, illumination
Sun- contentedness, protection, unveiling secrets
Moon- serenity, mental strength, peaceful sleep
Mercury- foresight, persuasive communications, intellectual inspiration
Venus- beauty, attracting a mate, serenity
Mars- rid an enemy, strength energy, vitality
Jupiter- wealth, enthusiasm, protection
Saturn- black magick, endurance, mystical inspiration

Each summoning entails, uses, the time, candles, lamps and numbers. Its all very useful and worth the couple bucks.

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