Invocation to Belial

Today I did my 30 minutes and had a very nice talk with him, Or more like he told me what I was doing wrong and how I need to fix it. He showed me letters and images, and those will be what I will play around with later on today.

I opened up his altar and lit an incense and just connected to him immediately. After all he is one of my main Daemons I work with so he is always close. Always with a deep voice, firm and gentle, and making sure I understand what he is imparting in me. What he says I can fully understand all the was he means it. It has been years but I have gotten better at understand the whole of his messages.

There is a reason why he came to me first. He always sets thing in motions and hands them off. It is up to me to not to fuck it up lol.

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  1. Love Belial! 🖤

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