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Teaching Classes

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I will be doing more classes this year. I am staying away from the intro classes, mainly because there are thousands of newbie websites from Wiccans, and thousands of groups teaching the basics that I  just will not teach. I focus more on the higher level classes, in which you work with blood, you work with your bodily fluids, and you can travel pretty damn well without having to be monitored. Why? Because I do not want to be responsible for people fucking up and being scared, and that in the past, has drained the shit out of me, and I will not do it again.

I have classes lined up for my groups and Orgs, and face it, writing up lesson plans are hard as shit. They require a lot of time, and I am tired of people pissing off my hard work because they just don’t give a fuck, or they feel the efforts are not there’s and they drop off. I don’t care if I have one student in a class, which I have had before, but this shit is stopping.

My time has become shorter and free time is not as available as I would like it to be. So my way of teaching, and how I teach, and the fee will now be imposed. I don’t have time for people to play me and deal with their shit. It is a drain on me honestly.

I do look forward to working with my new student and teaching again, as the material is revamped and it is a bitch to do lol. Mainly because as a teacher I am a hard ass.

My Special Collection

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I have around a few hundred books on my Kindle, around a hundred currently on my kitchen table, and yet I just placed an order for about another 20 to finish of collections. Between my Kindle, laptop, and my bookshelf I have around 4700 books. And counting.

So here are my favorite and prized books. I was sorting through everything and figured I should share some of these. You may find something that you want to add to your collection. I believed I wrote about a few of these books and they will linked below.


The Grimoire of Tiamat by Asenath Mason is one of my favorite Grimoires. My favorite thing about this book are the Children of Tiamat. They are not to be played with. Rituals are intense. The sigils and pictures in this book are breathtakingly transportable. I love when I touch a symbol, painting, or sigil; I can be have a quick astral trip to wherever it wants to take me to show me things. An amazing book. Here is the link to the review Grimoire of Tiamat.


The Book of Azazel by E. A. Koetting is very interesting. I;m not a fan of his, but this book seemed like something I need to have. The book in the beginning has this Catholic vibe to it which I was like hell no. But the section with the Legion was worth getting the book, I think. I don’t agree with the occult’s person taste for sex, money and power. I’m not going for that bullshit, nor will I trap anything in a vessel. The Legion I can work with for realistic goods of higher attunement, not these basic cares. Still, even now, I’m glad I did purchase. Here is the original review The Book of Azazel.


The Keys of Ocat by S. Connolly is a really good working Grimoire. I have two books, the left one in regular binding and the one on the right bound in leather. The one on the left has the most notes and highlighting in it, while the right is preserved. Basically if Gate Opening is your thing then this book (if it is still available) you should have. I like the rituals, the preparations and how you have all the orations to add to your own gate workings. The review is here Keys of Ocat.


The Infernal Colopatiron by S. Connolly is another gate working and manifestation of the god self. I have pages marked, tons of loose papers from notes in it, and its highlighted to hell. A really good working for me.


The Sabbattica compiled by Edgar Kerval is a book that has many authors contributing some of their occult knowledge. I was so excited wen this book came out. I mean I was stalking Nephilim Press website and waiting for the email saying it was now available. Three years later and I am still pissed about the last chapter. Here is the link Sabbattica.


The Book of Abraxas by Michael Cecchetelli is one of my more interesting books. This book is full of rites, Christianize rights, Paganize actually considering the polytheism in Rome at the time. You have the rites for Angels, Yeshua, and honestly with some tweaking they can be used quite effectively. Looking through I have some lines crossed out, notes written with the changes I made. Just refreshing.


The Book of Smokeless Fire by S. Ben Qayin is the shit. You will hurt yourself, and fuck some shit up with this book if you do not take precaution. The reason why it is in my prized collections is because of that fact. The meditations, the trances, just fucking amazing. Here is the link Book of Smokeless Fire.


The Ast Ma Ion by Edgar Kerval is a visual masterpiece. With this Grimoire came colorful cards to match each chapter. These cards held so much for me to meditate with. Just the best addition to a grimoire. Here is the link Ast Ma Ion.


Noax by Edgar Kerval is still untouched. I read the first 12 pages and then life happened. It’s in my collection because 1)  I plan on finishing it before the summer, and 2) it is from Edgar. His works are amazing, and this book from what I have read so far, is going to be another best from him.

The books with no links will have reviews written up about them before the summer is in full swing hopefully. I have a long list of reviews to get through, finish writing and to start, so bear with me. But I do hope you enjoyed this little list and the other reviews. Most of the books came from Nephilim Press. Enjoy!





Wortcunning for Daemonolatry by S. Connolly

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20160323_090622It has taken me forever to get this review up but it is finally up so here we go…

This book is for those who have a love of gardening and a flair for alchemy. If you don’t like either, then leave this book to those who do.

So we have moved past the introduction and into the first chapter which is Working with Plants. It gives you the basic guidelines in how not to harm the plants when picking them, dealing with poisonous plants and the normal warnings. Now for me personally, I am allergic to 23 varieties of grass, 20 types of trees and life itself (recently), so yeah I have to severely modify what I can do and live through my mother who I am giving this book to when she starts her garden in a couple weeks.

Next is the Herbalist’s Tool & Pantry, it gives you a rundown of items that you need to purchase and store separate from your regular kitchen tools. The preparation for harvesting the plants are written in great detail and laid out easily in front of you.

Making Oils/Oleums Philtres, and the Teas, Elixirs, and Tinctures chapters are basically your meat and potatoes, in understanding how to make what you need without burning yourself or screwing up or even killing yourself. It states throughout the book not to drink poisonous mixes, so if you do and die, well you were warned dumb ass. Now my favorite method in this section is the salves and sprays, as this will be how I will do a lot of my mixes. Having that quick Daemonic spray for workings will be very handy in the upcoming months.

In Preparing Herbal Mixtures for Incense chapter, you can get down and dirty by hand-making your incense. I am lazy so I will be buying mine. Though I will charge them like I normally do.

In the Other Preparations chapter, you have the uses for bath salts, soaps and candle uses. This will be a good one to keep in the self. Having bath salts is perfect for when you want to purify before a ritual.

Plant Reference section, is pretty explanatory. It gives a very generous list (14 pp.) of magickal plants and what they can be used for. The same for the Bases section and Miscellany Magickal Recipes and Random Daemons.

The next three chapters are my favorite: Cursing Recipes, Death Daemonic Recipes and Divination Recipes. Ahhh, the love I have for these three keeps me warm at night.

The next few chapters Magickal Inks, Dukante Hierarchy Recipes, Goetic Hierarchy Recipes, and Grimoirium Verum Recipes gives you more than enough hands on experience to keep you busy for a few months trying them out.

Rituals sections are always a win/win in my book with, any Occult read I pick up. There are nine healthy rituals, love the number, that will keep you busy and build your energy up when working with charging your mixtures.

The second to last section, The Magickal Gardener, I skimmed through. I kill plants you heard me, not on purpose, but because I am so absolutely horrible in Gardening that Satan and Eury told me to take a seat. No lie, I suck ass at gardening, but my mother has a green thumb and can grow anything. This has all types of tips and hints in growing your garden so it is good to take heed and take notes.

Last section is a list of resources to grow your magickal library so you can have a basement like mines; that literally has books on tables, shelves, chairs, the washer and dryer and every square inch of floor. Actually if I could float, I would be able to go into my basement. Seriously, a lot of books.

This book is a wealth of information, filled with recipes, rituals, formulas, and tried and true favorites that I love. So get online, order a few few friends and enjoy your summer trying out some of the philtres and tinctures. Try not to cut a finger, blow up your alchemy set up, or poison you neighbor (well unless, you know). Enjoy the read and have fun. I know I am.

What Next? (I wrote this maybe two or three years ago)

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I sit down and reflect about the path I am on. I see the array of possibilities opening up to me. I want to be free, I want to yell it to the top. But why should I. Do I feel ashamed. Loss of my job? Clientele? Prejudice at school and among colleagues? Yes. No. All of the above. At times I doubt what it means to be a Satanist. I feel at times that I am not good enough to represent Father, but I realize I have lost my mind. It is in that moment I saw clarity. My own insecurities, trying to please all, trying to friend all. Fuck it. The only people I need in my life are my parents, my man and Satan. He holds me up, reassure me, helps me and guides me, let’s me regain my connection. I have weathered the storm and I came out stronger than before. I rather have allies instead of friends. I need only them. I need Satan as he walks with me. I see the foolishness I have been apart of. I am leery and tired of stepping in bullshit. My spirituality awakens me to my most primal. I am a child of the dark, a child of him. With him as guidance I will break away and destroy my own insecurities. I will be a voice, striving for equality and top seed in this world along with others. It is time for me to help others see that Satanism strives for equality. We are involved in politics, academia, national affairs. We do not commit crimes for the hell of it. We strive to maintain balance in our lives and in those around us. To open peoples mind so they can see what others have stolen and hidden from them. We seek to enlighten all. Open your mind, awaken yourself from that dead sleep you have been in.


I am a Satanist. I will not let those determine my voice. My style. Nor my direction in life. Friends come and go….Blood is thicker than water….Family is the first to fuck you. But you have to push past it all and keep it moving…never let anything or anyone break your stride. They may knock us off-balance every so often…but not enough to STOP US. All I need in my life is the love of Satan, his wisdom and my man working together so we can take down the idiocy that has stricken this world. My path is one less traveled, always overlooked and passed over. That is just fine with me.


I have survived with broken limbs, torn ligaments, and bumps and bruises. My battle scars. It all leads up to strength that I have had in myself to continue and let nothing get in my way. Pain is what tells you how far you have come. No pain , no gain Life is not easy…and anything worth fighting for will drive you crazy.


I will stand among the Satanists of my era.


I will stand as a leader guiding more to their calling and to enlightenment.


I do not need you to validate me.


I am a Satanist. I can validate my damn self.


(c) Keona

Theistic Satanism

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Theistic Satanism

There are those in the satanic Community who do not know what Theistic Satanism is. So from my point of view, and from what I have experienced, let’s me explain it to from my point of view.

The American Heritage Dictionary explains theism as this

Belief in a god or Gods, esp. belief in a personal God as creator and ruler of the world

Webster’s New Dictionary defines theism as this

Belief in divine creation of the universe without the denial of the revelation

Random House defines theism as

Belief in the existence of a god or Gods

Anyway you cut it, if you believe in a god or Gods you are Theistic. This goes outside of Satanism but will be handled later on in another topic.

I believe in Satan as a God, a force of nature, an entity throughout existence. Therefore I am a Theistic Satanist. However Theistic Satanism has a couple of sub categories to it. Yes there are two sects of Satanism that fall under Theistic. They are Spiritual (those believing Satan is a force and not tangible), and Traditional (knowing that Satan has given us the knowledge and adheres to it).

American Dictionary defines spiritual as

Of, realizing to, consisting of, or having the nature of spirit; not tangible or material

Concerned with or affecting the soul

From or relating to God

It goes on to define spiritualism as

The belief that the dead communicate with the living, as through a medium; a philosophy, doctrine, or religion emphasizing the spiritual aspect of being

Traditional is defined as

Of relating to, or in accord with tradition; adherence to tradition, esp. in cultural or religious practices; a system holding that all knowledge is derived from original divine revelation and is transmitted by tradition.

Spiritual Satanism is the sect of Theistic Satanism that doesn’t see Satan as a deity per se. They see him as an intangible being that is neither here nor there, but all around. Spiritual Satanists see Satan in everything. The way the earth takes care of herself, they life is always forming a new, and getting rid of the dying. They will not worship or have items that represent the being Satan, (well some may, I do not know). But I know that for then their spirituality plays a large role in it. How can you not be spiritual as a Theistic Satanist? It is our spirituality that allows us to rise above the masses and pursue more than the average person. Being in a state that allows you to see deeper into the material world. You can feel the energy that is around, you can feel the power from your prayers, the rituals that are being performed and the enlightment that comes from being in tune with the one. The knowledge that you receive from looking into the workings of yourself. Opening yourself up to higher thought, energy points, third eye awakening and soul recognition.

Traditional Satanists follow the Satanic ideology and conform to the adherents of Satanism. These Satanists try to live and follow the knowledge that Satan (as the name we know him now as), gives us. The knowledge we are given is that of self empowerment. The knowledge to improve one’s life, to live according to your guises (i.e. maintaining a job, education, physical health, mental health, emotional health and the like). To not take care of yourself, to over indulge in the pleasures we are privy to like drugs, alcohol, sex and food is being ignorant of ourselves. You can always enjoy yourself, but moderation is the key, respect for your vessel is the key. We can all make changes to better ourselves, and it takes time. To recognize that is a feat in itself. Your protection, quest for knowledge, self empowerment, self deification, is all made possible by the knowledge and push that Satan has given us to succeed with. He gives us the opportunity to be leaders, not followers. To do so is a travesty. The only sin I see is that of being ignorant to your own self realization. Sin isn’t owned by the JCI’s, it means doing a disservice to yourself morally or religiously. JCI’s are not the only religions out there, there are hundreds. To let yourself merely walk by in a cloud is doing yourself a disservice. To the force/God as well, especially when he gives you what is needed to progress higher than you have been.

So next time someone says I am not Theistic, I’m Spiritual or Traditional, they are actually saying I am a Spiritual Theistic, or Traditional Theistic Satanist. Catholicism broke down into Christianity and Christianity broke down into-Protestant, Mormon, Latter Day Saints, Baptist, Evangelist, Jehovah Witnesses and the like. They are all Catholics, just seen in different views.

Theistic Satanism is a religion that believes in Gods (Satan, Beelzebub, Azazael, Lilith, Baphomet and the lot). We have different sects of Satanism, groups, churches; all worshipping and serving the deity they believe as Satan. We are all Theistic Satanists. Theistic encompasses both Spiritual and Traditional. Traditionalists may not necessarily be as spiritual as the rest but their alliance to their faith is sound. They may choose to do rituals or not. It doesn’t make them any less a Theistic or a Satanist. Spiritualists may not use a specific name, but their rituals (whether they perform or not) are still strong. We are all Theistic, falling under that big ole umbrella of Satanism. Our ways of practicing differ from one another, but nevertheless we are all one. As a Theistic I do my prayers, perform rituals, talk to Satan (and anyone who believes in him can), and my other God/desses with no shame. I try to live my life in accordance to the knowledge that has been given to me, to the knowledge that has been made accessible to me.

I am a Theistic Satanist. It is now undeniable. No more am I mixture of them all, because in truth they are all one. I am me. I worship the deity known as Satan. I pray to him, talk to him, do rituals for and to him, as well as myself. I am a spiritual person, I am self aware, and I am a Goddess in my own right. I have the intellectual capability to be elite in learning, in absorbing all that comes my way, the finer things in life. Education has taken to a newer plateau, my experiences have taken me all over the world, my strength has guided me through phases of darkness and uncertainty and my faith has helped me recognize my worth.

I am a Theistic Satanist. I am a Reverend. Representing Satan at his fullest and most gracious. Everything I do, everything I am, everything I will become is because of the blessing he has bestowed on me. What type of person would I be to turn my back on him?

Reverend Keona

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