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This past month I have been dropping a book review video every day of the month, and I have a few more to do. Here is the latest video so you can backtrack :Occult reference books.

What I do and have noticed actually, is that people read the same fucking books and they read them because everyone else does, but never did shit with the book. At least I went through majority of my books or have them scheduled to be performed in the next few months.

I will keep up with the book review videos since I got some many down this month. I have read majority of these books years ago, and I have so many that I want to get up and out. Even moving into the next month I will be dropping more videos maybe 2 times a week.

All in all, I really hate that phrase lol, I am feeling good in sharing the books that  I love and like with others. I tend to keep it pretty true to form with my colorful language in tack lol. I mean I really am not changing for anyone. I share what I love with people who want to listen, can’t get any better than that.

Thaumiel; The Dark Divided Ones by S. Ben Qayin

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I got my copy of this book yesterday. I was too excited to open it and begin reading it. And yes I finished it the same day. The cover is very glossy and it has some nice wight to it, 79 pages (85 including the authors info and last words and some blank pages for note taking, well I use them for note taking).

Inside this softback book you have some gorgeous pictures, in depth illustrations, and beautiful symbols. The pictures in this book are in color and you know what, I appreciate that. Black and white is fine and it is classic, but there is nothing like color images assaulting the senses you know.

You have an introduction chapter, eight chapters and a final word chapter separate form the author’s final words. What I really like is that this bad boy is in a series of 11 books. So what you are investing in, is an extremely in depth systematic working of the Tree of Death. I know I live for these types of books, because I get my whole magical life with them. I get put through the ringers and when you you talk about working with Satan and Moloch, you better bring your A game. You need to me mentally, physically and spiritually ready and aware before diving into this series of works. This, in my opinion, is for seasoned magicians who have went through being knocked on their asses a few times. For those who want to take their knowledge and working with the Tree of Death to the next level. This is not for those who think they can conquer everything because they been doing this for 5 years. No, when you go into this with an ego of I know I can conquer everything and not being humble, trust me they know you. They will fuck you up for GP, and you will come out missing a part of your mind. Play around with real work if you want to . This is deep shit.

This book draws from information that you can find in the Keys of Solomon. Which means yes this incorporates Solomon Ceremonial Magick but with a heavy twist, and seasoned with Chaos Magick.

There is this one sentence that stood out to me. It is on pg 40, first paragraph and it says “…I believe that when working the pentacle (point facing north/up…) is implemented to give energy and honor Other Gods…instead [the pentagram is facing downward] directs power to he black magician and honors them as their own free God.” I like this clarification of what the points on the pentagram mean. Everyone has their own way of interpreting it. But going into any working it would be nice to have a found view of the pentagram either point up or horns up.

This book takes you into the void extinguishing your light and replacing it with darkness. Becoming the Black Magician that you are setting out to be with this working. This working requires your blood (so if you can’t stand the site of blood or you get faint, you may just want to skip this book all together), a hefty amount of salt, and the ability for you to remain calm and open when going through these gates.

To get a look at this book and an overview of each chapter, click this link for the video.

You didn’t think you were going to continue reading my reviews did you? Naw, I got something good for you.

God Genes Decoded

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Next on my reading list is this series for Occult books. I am trying to read 26 Occult and 26 Fiction books this year for my Goodreads Challenge.

I have had this book for a few years now and never had the time or chance to pick it up. It took me forever to find the books since they weren’t in print (I haven’t checked to see if they are now), so I brought them used from a 3rd party seller. They all came wrapped and were brand new! I was so excited.

I am about a third of the way through the first book and I am taking notes like crazy lol. I enjoy this types of reading. I will be updating my reading list as often as I can. This book will have a complete review after I have read all three.

26 Occult Books I want to Read this Year

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26 Occult Books I want to Read this year

I decided to get back on my reading challenges. One of my friends added me to a group she created called 52 books, and I used that as my challenge for how many books I will read for the Goodreads challenge. I want to do this as a minimum. I have over 6,000 books in various formats that I want to get through. I mean I have a lot of shit to read lol. But this year I have 26 occult works that I really want to get through. When I mean Occult, I mean grimoires, Dark Art workings, nonfiction, Eastern Disciplines, all the New Age shit and what not.  Here is my list. Now I have a lot more, but there are just the ones that I want to start or reread, or even finish this year.


Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews (FINISHED)

Lilith Dark Feminine Archetype (FINSIHED)

Karma- yoga and Bhakti-yoga by Swami Vivekananda (FINISHED)

Bound by Blood by S. Connolly (CURRENTLY READING)

The Llewelyn Complete Book of Psychic Empowerment by Weshcke & Slate

Walking the Twilight Path by Michelle Belanger

You Are Psychic by Pete A. Sanders Jr.  (FINISHED)

Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock

Magical States of Consciousness by Denning & Phillips (FINISHED)

Planetary Magick by Denning & Phillips (FINISHED)

The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish (REREADING, I swear I read this book every year. It is my fav)

Eastern Body Western Body by Anondea Judith (FINISHED)

Divine Meditations by Mike King (REREADING)

The God Genes Decoded viol 1-3 by R. A. Waldon (READING VOL 1)

Isis Magick by M. Isidora Forrest

Initiation into Egyptian Yoga and Neterian Spiritualism by Dr. Muata Ashby

Voodoo in Haiti by Alfred Metraux (FINISHED)

Glorious Light Meditation by Dr. Muata Ashby

Egyptian Yoga the Philosphy of Enlightenment by Dr. Muata Ashby

The Apophenion A Chaos Magician Paradigm by Peter J. Carroll (REREADING)

The Octavo by Peter J. Carroll (REREADING)

Hands on Chaos Magick BY Andriech Vitimus (REREADING)

Necronomicon Gnosis by Asenath Mason

Kasdeya Rite of Ba’al Blood Rite of the Fifth Satan by S, Connolly


This list was hard to think of. I have so many books that is was difficult to figure out which ones. But these serve a specific purpose for this year’s workings. If I can read more of them, than I will. I want to come back in 6 months and see how far I have gotten. That will help me figure out the other books I want to read.



2018 Book Challenge 

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I fell off last year and only logged like 4 books. So this year I’m going for 52. I mean if I can binge watch these shows, then I cam binge a book. 

I’m trying to do 26 Occult and 26 Fiction books this year. I want to clear out my kindle and my book shelf so I can purchase more books lol. 

So the first book of the year is Yoga Anatomy. It has very good reviews and I want to work on yoga and breathing techniques this month so I can incorporate it into my daily workings. 

You already know a review will be done after I am finished and I will be taking notes on it. Then after I do the practical applications I will share how they have impacted my practices. 

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