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The Keys of Ocat by Stephanie Connolly

Posted in Book Reviews with tags , , , on 09/13/2013 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

A book, humor that is for the more experienced magician. If you have only been in it for a couple of years I advise you to keep looking and work your way you to it.

It is a book of Necromancy and working with death energies. Knowing your Death Daemons, and the Gods/disembodied sound you will be working with. It is, I would say they’d in four maybe five books that she has wrote. If your looking for the Daemonolatry way of Necromancy than I advise you get:

The Complete Book of Daemonology
The Daemonaltry Guide to Daemonic Magick
Honoring Death The Arte of Daemonolatry Necromancy
All the old Grimoire Texts
Wait a couple of years and practice a lot
Infernal Colopatrion
The Keys of Ocat

And then you can be on your way to get it in lol. I’m serious. Twenty the years in it for me and I am smart then to run in blind. I have a couple of months preparations to do but I am ready. After dealing with Death Energies will get you fucked up if you aren’t prepared, or have the knowledge to protect yourself and work wisely.

And since I’m a groupie, yup, I admitted it I recommend getting her books and her colleagues for some good Traditional Daemonaltry workings.

Rating: 5

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