The Book of Azazel The Book of the Damned by E. A. Koetting

Ok the first time I wrote this I was two chapters into the book. But I finished reading this a few months ago. Ask I can say is besides the working of the Daemons he has gotten, it’s pretty much was a waste of my money. He’ll those demons may be for him only. I know I didn’t do any research into looking for them and probably won’t. Well maybe, lol, they are interesting so who knows right. But something about them just doesn’t sit in with me. So here my review.

I didn’t think I could have finished reading this book. He, in my opinion, had to physically, spirituality, emotionally and mentally abuse himself (since that seems like what he is used to from his childhood and his own personal daemons), to get to where he is at with his life. Basically going about this in the Solomon way. His methods are questionable and delusional at best, but they could be worked into something more presentable and respectable without all the abuse. He had a drug addiction (which he kicked, props to him for that) in which he shouldn’t have been performing Magick under the influence, but hell, he’s grown so whatever right. He made it seem like he commanded the demons to do his bidding and ask he had to do was be there, light incense and when he was ready they came, and not the other way around.

Honestly I can’t even finish writing what I had written down, because it’s not a good one. It’s not as bad as the Bast and Sekhmet The Eye of Ra (which I will share with you all) but it’s pretty freaking up there.

So unless you are a fan of his, don’t bother. His Catholicism was way too much interfering with his work. It’s like people who are so scared to think for themselves that they stick with the same programming and just add demons, not really understanding that most of their thinking is just reverse Abrahamic not Left hand Practicing free from the bull. Granted his methods worked for him, and those who feel they need to abuse themselves in order to get results, and think that they command the spirits.

So yeah don’t buy the book.

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  1. […] The Book of Azazel by E. A. Koetting is very interesting. I;m not a fan of his, but this book seemed like something I need to have. The book in the beginning has this Catholic vibe to it which I was like hell no. But the section with the Legion was worth getting the book, I think. I don’t agree with the occult’s person taste for sex, money and power. I’m not going for that bullshit, nor will I trap anything in a vessel. The Legion I can work with for realistic goods of higher attunement, not these basic cares. Still, even now, I’m glad I did purchase. Here is the original review The Book of Azazel. […]

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