What’s for dinner?

Well as normal I forgot. I always makes sure my husband has something for his black ass to eat and I normally nibble. Which is not good for my waist line. So I decide what the hell eat something decent because I’m cooking Yuletide dinner tomorrow and that is just fatness and happiness all wound up together lol.

So I had some left over stuffed clam. Hell one was enough for me. But I really didn’t way today (I know, I know). So I grabbed me a Granny Smith apple, some baby carrots and peanut butter. Drools!!! Always my perfect get to me. Filling and it satisfies my sweet and salty cravings. Then I decided why not go for it, and made a banana protein shake. I have a cup of water as well.

So I’m going to finish my din din and finish watching this Anime. It’s called Blade 6. Seems interesting so far. It only has a few episodes so that will hold me over while I prep the musters dinner and clean and organize my books.

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