Yule Cleaning

Man it has been a long day, and it’s not even five o’clock yet.

Yesterday I did an ascension with Amaymon and with that clarity had been restored. So after mulling it over and letting it sink in, I got to work. I officially can’t see my bed or my love seat. I have everything spread out in my little apartment.

I wanted to start growing my own veggies, and herbs because face it, shit is just to damn expensive and we need to make our money stretch. So my mom sent me a gift in the mail. It turned out to be an Aero Garden in the shape of a ladybug. She said that way I can have fresh food growing and good luck all year. And I totally agree. So that is in my kitchen and I am so excited to see how it grows!

Now I have a lot of personal path workings that are on my mind and have been in the works for a couple of years if not way longer. I have all my books read, the physical ones at least and quite a few of the kindle versions as well. I have everything laid out in their perspective areas so they are grouped together. So here we go. Want to know what I have going on for the year ahead of me. Well sit back and grab your Tylenol, because I’m sure your head will be hearing after this lol. Mine is just thinking about it and knowing it is behind me on the couch, whispering my name lmao!!! So in no particular order…

There is my Necromantic stack. Which has my draconian notebook in there surprisingly but not really. I knew that the Draconian side I was going to expire was going to be on a darker level anyway. Within that stack there are the books: The Necromantic Ritual Book, Honoring Death: The Art of Daemonolatry Necromancy, The Keys of Ocat, and The Grimorie of Tiamat (all read, hi lighted and spilled over). The last two are workings on their own as they are intense and Honoring can be done the same way. I know for me I will do a couple on their own, while I am researching and modifying my own personal Necromantic Hierarchy, and fiddling with those rituals I developed. They just don’t feel right so back to the drawing board. I have more than enough research and material on the Draconian aspect to have a very beautiful current, courtesy of my patron Leviathan. That will be just awesome in its own right and is being developed.

The second stack I have is my organizations martial. I am a Priestess of Satanas in the Brotherhood of Satan, over 2 years strong and there are a lot of duties and writings and things that I am supposed to do. It’s always something new to learn about myself and my path, and in enjoying every bit of it. I am a little sad that I couldn’t meet with my Magistry for the Solstice but it’s okay. If it was meant for me to go I would be there right lol. I’ll take it as a sign that I need to get my shit organize before I just go and spend a couple days relaxing like I don’t have a shitload of things to do.

My third stack is Enochian books and a notebook full of information. The books doe this working are: Practical Enochian Magick, The Lost Art of Enochian Magick. Enochian Vision Magick and the Complete Enochian Dictionary. Again all boos read, noted and marked for future references and workings. I am always adding and modifying everything so I know what I’m getting into, even if I don’t have the time to do that working early.

Next stack is one for Hecate. I worked with her before on a few occasions and she’s not new to me but I want to get deeper intuned with her. So with Hecatean Magick, The Temple of Hecate and Hekate The luminaries, along with a thick notebook full of info and reared rituals and invocations I can start my journey to her.

I have a stack in two that contains handwritten material for groups I teach on my sisters websites and Facebook groups, and for my personal students as well. There is a nice thick stack for my personal occult business and it’s divided into three. Not to mention my school work for pharmacy tech and BOTA.

I have a stack say aside that are basics that I can use whenever, and not only for or with a working. Granted the workings can be stand alone seperate as well, I just choose not to do so at this time. Then there is another that is full of more books I keep finding and adding to my must read and utilize list. So far there are six books in that list and I am reading two of them now. Then there is my fantasy, mundane reading book stack that has 13 books in it. And that is not including the 80 comic books that I have as well šŸ˜‰

There’s a few more stand alone stacks, for my Vodoun and Santeria gathering; herbology is big with a seperate rolladex to it lol; Books that need to have the notes written down.

The last stacks I have are for my Gnostic Angelic workings, Khemtic Working, Divination rites, and my Chakra workings. Not to mention the Goetia Working I am in the middle of doing and the Daemonolatry self work on engrossed in, plus a few stand alone books to play with.

So as you can see, I am not one to just read and think she knows everything. I have learned the hard way what to write and what not to write. Who to friend and who not to friend. What I’m interested in and what I have just because other people have it. I have eight notebooks and pads, including a dream journal that I have written in, over the past five years. So it’s a lot. Surprisingly I can schedule what needs to be worked with soon and the. Gather materials because not all of this will be active this year. But it will always be there to remind me that I have a lot ahead of me on my path.

And to boot, I’m starting back at school on January. So there are no excuse for anyone. I’m a house wife, a teach students, I help my sister run and manage over eight accounts, my personal accounts, my school work and still make sure the house is clean and dinner is ready. Granted I don’t have kids or a pet at this time, but when I had pets I still made everything work. If you really want to elevate yourself. You will find a way. You will always find a way.

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