28 Day Working, Day 7

Woohoo! I made it 7 days and did something everyday. Man that is more difficult then people think it .

Today I worked with Furcas in my Goetia, did my normal bloodletting and just meditated on knowing the energy. I did my normal tarot card draw and interpretation so that is always good when they connect.

Today i did my Rite to Lucifer, and it felt amazing as always. I have such a good relationship with him. I am working through the Psychic Empowerment book again, and I must admit that they have some really good exercises and information and book supplemental.

My sisters Coven is being worked on today, and I am gathering all my books and academic material to get the educational side up and started.

Another day of doing what needs to be done and I can relax and chill.

Come on day 8!

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