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28 Day Working, Day 23

Posted in Rituals and Workings with tags , , , , , , on 04/17/2017 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

Aside for the Goetia and Tarot I have 2 rituals to do tonight. It should be very interesting, One takes about a couple hours and the other leads into dream working.

This is my last week before I have to go back to class. So I will see how my day goes because I need to schedule for my workings coming up. I will probably type up some of the tarot cards interpretations over the week and have that scheduled to come out.

Man this has really made it so much easier. Now when it comes to journaling this next step it won’t be every day. Fuck that lol. Once a week is good enough. That way everything else can be spaced out and I can actually put up a months worth of other shit so I can spend more time writing down how I did for the week.

28 Day Working Day 21

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Goetia is getting very hot lol, and I will be completely done with this 2 year working in August, on time just like it was originally planned when I signed up for the class. See…just because you have a few hiccups doesn’t mean you quit, you just come back and bust your ass and get it done.

The tarot cards are getting low, not that many more to go. A full write up of my interpretations along with pictures of the cards will be posted in 5 parts. The Necronomicon is just a beautiful deck of cards, I swear.

I will be making sure I am honoring my divinities with their celebrations, I have been majorly lazy and slacking off because of it. But I will be getting better, that is all you can do is improve yourself over time.

I will finally get back to putting up book reviews, I have 4 already written out, just haven’t had the chance to post them yet, but I will be doing more in depth reviews than what I have been.  I just felt like I haven’t been giving my all like I should have. So that is going to change.

7 more days and I will be down, and getting ready to hit my mundane life again. So let’s get it kracken!!!!!!

28 Day Workings Day 20

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Man not that many days left now. Even as I write this, I have done a shitload of workings, and have gotten pretty damn far with divine. I have read books that I have been forgetting, I have picked up projects that were half finished, or completed and just not worked through. But now, I am caught up for the most part and I have enjoyed the time I have had with my progress.

Today is my 6 day Posiedon Ritual from the ToAF. Intense but hell, you can’t do a working if you don’t push yourself.

I read the Kemetic Diet by Muata Ashby, and it was interesting. Got some hints and tips, learned something new, updated other material so I am happy. I also have the master cleanse as I wanted to make sure I was doing for my body and my mind this break.

I am coming to a stopping point, but this won’t be the end.

28 Day Working Day 16

Posted in Rituals and Workings with tags , , , on 04/10/2017 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

This is the full moon I have been waiting on. It is also my friends 33rd birthday! Talk about a special day, in a special month, for a very hardworking woman.

Now this full moon ritual is very extensive, and something I have never done before, but I get tired of the stagnant effort that I would normally give during the full moon. So this is dedicated to Selene and it is a dosey.

The goetia is coming up quickly and I do either blood, food, carvings or energy infusion to the divine, depending on what they would prefer.

On to the next….

28 Day Working Day 15

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Today is the day I do my Ritual to Satan. In the past, I haven’t been as detailed as I would have liked to have been, but this will change. I have these wonderful candles I have been saving that Steph sent me, that Corrina made, and I am anxious to see how it will go. I already have my herb mixture and I am just actually anxious and excited lol.

The goetia is turning out wonderfully and I have come up with what I will be doing on my fourth and final go round of the goetia. It will be about 6 years lol. I swear the Goetia is the bulk of my life and I fucking love it. The Daemonic Divine is my life, and I serve them greatly and happily.

Let’s keep on to the next surprises of what I am doing.


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