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The Final Day

Posted in Sabbats with tags , , , , on 05/02/2022 by Keona-Mlh

So I apologize for not being able to post like I wanted to but these classes, the energy work, and rituals had your girl exhausted. I needed to recharge 😆

But this day is bittersweet. It’s our last full day of fest, and we are heading home tomorrow. It’s always like this. One sister I haven’t seen since 2013, actually 2. So being together, catching each other up, sharing experiences, energy work, doing rituals with one another, is an amazing feeling. But I do have the spread that I put up earlier in the week. This is how it turned out.

Beltane Coven Spread

The video will be up as this is quite extensive, but we did discuss this as a Coven. I’ll try anther post before we leave, but don’t count on it.

Tree of Life Oracle Read

Posted in Sabbats with tags , , , , on 04/28/2022 by Keona-Mlh

Day 1 of the festival is going good. This was the only thing I had to do today. The purpose of this reading is to give the Coven an overall outlook of us as a while.

I went with an oracle read as I didn’t want to do to many individual readings and I think this better suits the timing.

After that my AHPS and I had each member pick an oracle card that they will meditate with over the course of the festival.

The last day of the festival we will do the oracle reading and what we believe it means to us as a whole. I’m looking forward to it and I think this gets everyone involved in a different divination. If they haven’t touched cards before.

28 Day Working, Day 7

Posted in Rituals and Workings with tags , , , , , , , on 04/01/2017 by Keona-Mlh

Woohoo! I made it 7 days and did something everyday. Man that is more difficult then people think it .

Today I worked with Furcas in my Goetia, did my normal bloodletting and just meditated on knowing the energy. I did my normal tarot card draw and interpretation so that is always good when they connect.

Today i did my Rite to Lucifer, and it felt amazing as always. I have such a good relationship with him. I am working through the Psychic Empowerment book again, and I must admit that they have some really good exercises and information and book supplemental.

My sisters Coven is being worked on today, and I am gathering all my books and academic material to get the educational side up and started.

Another day of doing what needs to be done and I can relax and chill.

Come on day 8!

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