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I was taking a breather between workings, as I am packed down lol, and I decided to go through my book reviews. I am a little disappointed, I have only put up 20 book reviews, even though i have literally read hundreds. So that shit is about to change.

I should be able to put up the occult reading books quicker, but as far as books that are made to work through, instead of just reviewing them, I will work through them and then put everything up there. I thin that is a better way for me to review the material, to make sure it was easy to follow, and all residuals that will happen and if it is even wise to keep some books in your home. I know my Necronomicon hasn’t been touched since 2003. So yeah shit like that lol.

I have 6 that need to go up, and most likely the ones that are already p will be down again as they are books to work through not to collected and put on your self. I do have markings in all my working books, and stickies, and preparations. So I work through my shit, I just do too much at a time and will be slowing that down lol. I would like to get through 2 working books a year and at least 10 books reviewed a year.

Seems easy, but with medical school, family life, a 245 day working coming up (yes, I am really about to do it, I will explain it more), and 6 Orders and 11 path workings that need to be rewritten and worked through; it will be a very delicate balance. Not including making sure I can work back in research and keeping up with the advances in medical for my chosen field. It is a hectic thing, but I love it!

I should start posting the reviews I already did probably within the next few weeks, but that is no guarantee lol.

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