#domagick Day 24

This was a feeling of just love. Love for myself,  and love for them. I dropped blood on all the points, on the sekhem circle and house markings as well. I connected my chakra points and the 16 powers just flew around, leaving just the crown glowing bright. Then the circle broke down and the hoygocu went into my body and started spinning, then the white cube went in and engulfed it, spinning.  Then the pyramid formed over it and finally the circle in which the 16 powers just wrapped over it. 
I got that feeling of falling within the pyramid,  but this time she held me and I saw the Council and the House there. She said my journey is ending, this mediation challenge, but I have a whole new path of workings to get back on, revive and stary fresh.

I shed a tear. I don’t think I ever felt that type of love coming from me. Like I found a way to love myself. Through opening myself up for whatever may happen. Through all the issues that have been compounding upon myself and this last year, has been the hardest. But I made it.

Again, no card draw for today. And no photo. 

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