#domagick Day 25

Nightside Manifesto 
This meditation was short on visuals but high on feelings. I saw the tribal common area. Dark grass and trees swaying, smelling something sweet on the air. It’s a cool wind, it wraps around you, squeezes you and holds you before releasing and continuing on its way.

I get hit from behind with a powerful wave of energy, them from the front and the sides. Deep vibrations are flowing through my body, being poured through me. I feel it moving through my blood, I feel it spinning inside me. I have no idea what it is, but the emotions and the power within the sound has enveloped me. Very deeply. I see faces around me, smiling.  Not all, but some just have that resting bitch face. Nothing but positivity in my vicinity.

These vibrations are comforting. New and old.

I got hit from another blast and with it my skin is cracked, I see gold light spilling from myself. Why am I cracking? Another blast and the skin flakes off, releasing blinding gold light. Another hit and my skin is back, I’m completely black. I’m the essence of the void. Stars move through my arms, energy through my blood. My heart is beating of the tribes. Connecting to those distant ancestors. Welcoming them back to me. Connecting with them and, it’s a normal feeling. Well as normal as I am lol.
The cards told me that new things are on the horizon, so it’s time to deal with them correctly. 


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