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#domagick Self reflection

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These part 4 weeks off working with Hammon, Belial, Lucifer, Baelzebub, Lilith and Leviathan, and Sekhmet and Bael has been pretty interesting. I have grown closer too then as always but i also learned that they don’t always have the same approach. Mainly because I listen to them and pay attention.

The planetary working was very interesting. Some planets were passive like Mars and others were potent like Mercury. But it was a new way to work under there influence which i liked. Overall it was a positive experience.

#domagick Day 29

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3 more days left in this challenge. It ends on the 1st of Jan making it a little over 30 days.

Asuachi’s meditation was more like a talking. Nothing new was shown, just clarification. More personal advice and workings to get started on. It was a wonderful feeling, so many blessings. 

No card was drawn. 

#domagick Day 28

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The God Body

During the meditation I felt my wings come out. A constant thumping on my body so I felt like I was moving in small increments throughout the meditation. It aligned to my body and the circles started to sound like a very old lock opening. Like the serpents, my kundalini serpents started to work their way up the body, with every wrap I heard and felt the sekhem circle turn like it was unlocking a part of me. All I was hearing was perfection, balance. It went slowly up my spine unlocking at every chakra point. At my heart 2 smaller locks/wheels went to the side, and they were being used to rotate larger wheel. Then up to my crown. My wings are no long white but silver with black tips and black around the perimeter.

A hand reaches out, or what I presume is a hand and grabs my third eye and says remove, focus, decrease (I have a brain tumor that sits behind my third eye in my pituitary gland that likes to cause issues lol). A hand reaches out and grabs my throat and says stronger, clearer, wiser. A hand reaches out and touched my heart and say sync, balance. A hand reaches out and touched my sacral and says heal, cleanse. Kundalini feels like cold molasses moving up my spine now. It’s no longer painful But It’s Definitely thicker.

A wave of golden energy expands from within to completely engulf me.

The voice again says 2 days. Expand, release, perfect, cleanse, heal, sacrifice, be direct, ask wisely. Heaps of responsibility is heading your way. Be ready. 

#domagick Day 25

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Nightside Manifesto 
This meditation was short on visuals but high on feelings. I saw the tribal common area. Dark grass and trees swaying, smelling something sweet on the air. It’s a cool wind, it wraps around you, squeezes you and holds you before releasing and continuing on its way.

I get hit from behind with a powerful wave of energy, them from the front and the sides. Deep vibrations are flowing through my body, being poured through me. I feel it moving through my blood, I feel it spinning inside me. I have no idea what it is, but the emotions and the power within the sound has enveloped me. Very deeply. I see faces around me, smiling.  Not all, but some just have that resting bitch face. Nothing but positivity in my vicinity.

These vibrations are comforting. New and old.

I got hit from another blast and with it my skin is cracked, I see gold light spilling from myself. Why am I cracking? Another blast and the skin flakes off, releasing blinding gold light. Another hit and my skin is back, I’m completely black. I’m the essence of the void. Stars move through my arms, energy through my blood. My heart is beating of the tribes. Connecting to those distant ancestors. Welcoming them back to me. Connecting with them and, it’s a normal feeling. Well as normal as I am lol.
The cards told me that new things are on the horizon, so it’s time to deal with them correctly. 


#domagick Day 22

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Only a few more days left before this challenge is over. I am going to continue doing these 30 min meditation’s in the morning, with my practice.  They have made such a big impact on my day, that I can’t really see myself stopping them. 

So today was meditation on the Black Pyramid.  I saw the pyramid come towards me, open its lid and in I went. It was very similar to the white cube meditation except everything was black including my clothes and eyes. I was flying, again it looked like hyperspace. You know when you watched the shows back in the day, when the Enterprise went to warp speed and how the stars looked. Yeah, it looked like that.  I started to turn around and started falling. I feminine figure met me when I turned around and she pressed into my stomach and pushed me down. I’m kind of panicking lol, but it gets worst when my abdomen is pierced with the top of a black pyramid. The pain is intense and I scream out. But she silences me when we hit the bottom. She asked me is it really pain I am feeling, or just the human equivalent of what pain is supposed to be  and feel like. That caught me, and then I focused in and realized that I really didnt feel anything. It was just there. I ku d of felt like an ass. We talked for a few. She was telling me of what to add to my meditation.  

I have a pyramid on my altar, it’s not black but I will change that. It will be added to the meditation that Baal Hammon and  Baal Baphomet gave me. The pyramid will sit on my lap, and for 30 min I will vibe and feel the pyramid. Become in tune with it, and at this point I don’t know if I absorbed the pyramid, or it absorbed me but it is on my solar plexus. It’s just there. Slowly spinning and vibrating. I will be testing this meditation today. 

I drew 2 cards Happy Happy and Deep Knowing in protection poses. What I need to do, is lighten up and relax, because I am psychically exhausted. I have been for a while and these cards really put it out there. So I’m going to chill today and rest for tomorrow 

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