Another #domagick Challenge, Why Yes, Yes I will

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In December I did the Meditative Acts challenge in which I worked with the Deities from the House of Baal. It opened up a lot of workings that I need to get started on and complete. I have this entire year planned out with open months for more workings that may catch my eye, (like these), and other workings that Authors have coming up. I am always down to increase my spiritual productivity.

So in February we are starting Different Forms of Meditation. Here I will be using Yoga in conjunction with Chakra working for mindful exercises that will help me have a better hold onto my physical body, my spiritual body and my mind. Focusing on yoga positions that correlate to the expansion and unfolding of my chakras, having them so I can breathe better, be fully within the moment.

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I have wanted to do more with my chakras and to also start doing Yoga. So what better way to incorporate these two then with this new challenge. So I have my Yoga Anatomy book that I am choosing which poses to do for the next 28 days, and my Eastern Body Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System as a Path to the Self by Anodea Judith. I absolutely love this book! These 2 books are the main ones, in addition to my own personal research, that I will be using for next months challenge.

Stay tuned.

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