Female Goddess of my Pantheon

I fuck with a lot of Dark Goddesses. I can’t help it, I am a lovable person lol.

Nah, but for real though. When I was younger, around 3-7 Lilith, Hecate, The Morrigan, Persephone, and Rhiannon was around me, maybe even a little later than that.

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Through out my practices I found myself working with quite a hefty array of Goddesses, from all different pantheons, cultures, however you want to call it. It has been fun and rewarding, as well as physically exhausting and hurtful. Lilith and Hecate like to throw books at me, mainly because I am hardheaded. Or a bitch slap out of a sleep, whatever gets me awake at that moment lol. My list is not that long to me I feel.








Kali Ma





Quan Yin





The Morrigan and her triple aspects



They each have helped me when I was going on different paths of my practices. When I needed them, or strength they called out to me, or I called to them which was around Helping me when I ask, and i always make sure they are honored. I cannot wait to get my dark goddess altar set up.

The main women, or feminine energy I work with is Lilith (my spiritual mother), Sekhmet (my Matron) and Hecate (my adoptive spiritual mother). They each hold a place in my heart and they have helped me to see more of myself than I ever have before. And for that I am forever grateful. I serve them with respect and love at all times. With heavy hitters like this, how can you not. They will either break you, or make you realize who you are, they don’t play around with the weak and those who are scared to work with them. They don’t like pussy ass women, and they will devour you if you are to weak to call on them. I have seen people scared of Sehkmet, but want her protection but can’t meet her eye to eye. You can’t be afraid when you are one with these energies.

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  1. mandi Says:

    I have connections to these as well! Did you know that cross-culturally they are revered as the Dark Mother, the same energy. ❤ Happy to see someone else embracing them too!

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