Goetia Working

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So yes I am back and proud to announce that I have already started the beginnings of the Goetia working. So let me tell you what is going down.

First thing I am working with my brother and we are going to do the workings together. This is a great help because I have some one who I can collab with and keep me from making this bigger than what it should be and keep my ass on track lol.

Second I am gathering the supplies that will carry us into the first 4 months of workings. I have been searching online for items that will help us start the journey. There will be a lot of items we will be making during or time with the demons but for the most part there are the ones that are beyond my scope to make.

Thirdly, I have bought a few books that will be giving me a lot of information. I plan on doing research for all the demons and then using that to do my workings, adding our experiences into what others have said they have received or learned.

Lastly the way it will be set up will be the following:

76 Day passive energy working

30 day connection and building of the current we will be working on

30 day working with each demon (~6 years)

Kings will be worked into the working (24 times for all 4)

After that we will combine or information and start writing rituals, guided meditations and putting out other workings while we are finishing the whole path. It is going to be wild and I am looking forward to it.

Back up and rolling

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Now that I am on the track again I can share the workings I am doing.

For one I am doubling down on my personal studies which have been lapsing, But hey who hasn’t. I am starting to work more and be drawn to Ifa and Vodou workings so I am prepping by studying and getting to know as much as I can before I make that leap. I am actually looking forward to it, as they have been calling me since 2008.

I am also getting prepare to take my Necromancy workings to another level. I have some rituals to reconnect to death that I haven’t done in a while. I have “places” to visit and people to see lol.

I will be back teaching classes during the festivals with the Brotherhood of Satan. At this time, these will be the only way I will teach classes.

I will be restructuring my altars as the 14 are going to come down and I may be left with 5 or 6. Redoing my altar room is a priority once I get back home from traveling for work. I have a lot of ideas and placements going through my head and I have a lot of things I need to pull from my vision. I was visiting my brother and fellow HP a few weeks back and his altar room gave me some ideas.

The last thing I am doing is going through the goetia one final time. I will be doing this with my HP/brother. It should take roughly 10 years honestly. Mainly because the prep work is going to be a little over 6 years. I will be working with the 72 and the 4 Kings for 30 days each. Those 30 days are just me gathering meditation, ascensions, connections, making oils and incense and the like. It is a whole damn under taking and I will be buying items in bulk. I am excited as I can use my previous workings to help guide me on this final journey of working with them. Now within that 30 days I may only work with them for 14 or 21 days. It depends on what they are asking of me and what I am guided to do. I will still be doing my other personal workings and studies as the beginning is nothing but research and connection . The true workings will be once I gather all the info and start to construct a ritual. that will probably take a few years to finish. I will be recording everything and posting monthly logs of my works. I will have a section dedicated here just for that.

My Culture

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I wrote this originally on FB but it was being shared without crediting me so I moved it to my copyrighted blog. Come on people, have some fucking decency. So here it it.

So I’ve been reading entirely too much lately. Watching news, reading articles from way to many sources. Reading IG and FB, and blogs. And it occurred to me.

Black people don’t like mix or biracial people.
Black people don’t like light skin blacks.
Black people don’t like dark skin blacks.
Black men don’t like strong black women.
Black men don’t like black women.
Black women don’t like black women.
Black women don’t like short black men
Black women don’t like nerdy black men.
Black men don’t like independent women.
Black people don’t like supporting black business.
Black people don’t like when blacks don’t buy black.
Black people don’t like people who go to college.
Black people don’t like people who don’t want to own their own business.
Black people don’t like anything.
Black people like everything.
Black people complain but do nothing and get mad.
Black people fight to make a difference, get attack, and are distraught.
Black women don’t like compassionate men.
Black people are inherently confused because of generations of emotional and mental and physical and psychological abuse.

We fight so much with each other over little, stupid shit. For no got damn reason. And then we still have to fight the world because somewhere done the line, the world decided that:


And people are actually fighting because they feel we shouldn’t have anything and we should deal with the shit we have just because.

Like this world is horrible because of the people in it.

We live in complete acceptance of black people being murdered no matter if they obeyed or not. Yet the Rest of the nation has a fit when a white chilf is hurt, or person. Across the world black and brown people are killed just because of our skin. Yet we are still fighting to be treated as equals. Like tf are you people not seeing?!

We are being killed because we have dark skin.


To my non black, sense having people, thank you.

Moment of Clarity

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WIth all that has been going off, I think it is time to make even more of an effort to get to know me better, and to really set up a spirtual practice. But even I know that this is a lie. My ritual practices are fluid, they are not constant and hey are not on a definitive schedule. They can’t be. I work two jobs and I am in school completeing my BS in Psychology prepping for either my Masters of diving in for my PhD in Clinical Psych. All I can do is light incense, light candles and meditate.

But I need to do more. I have training I need to finish, I would say students but they are going through a rough patch so right now they are in hiatus.

I do feel discourage but then I know I can do what I can and feel good about it.

I rearranged my altar. I took everything off and wiped it down with Florida water, and oh my damn it always smell amazing. I got my mother one as well and she loves the smell. My altar is plenty full with statues and oils, poisons, potions, and everything else that wanted to go up there. I am still thinking of buying a different cabinet to house everything in but I still don’t know yet.

I have all my tarot cards on my desk so that I can actually work with them and reach for them more. I did a 5-card pull on monday and it felt good to be with my cards again. I need time, I need to infuse everything more.

I will be creating some more workings that will be published again for an anthology for next year, so I have 2 pieces to work on for that. All is well and I feel good about where I am going to start and how everything is going to go. I will be working on my priesthood dissertation this fall as I took the fall off for college so I can get some workings and other certifications and classes going.

I have been journaling more in my spiritual journal and have some vision boards to make so they will be on my social media. I will be updating this website and tying everything together once I change passwords and set the accounts up like I want to.

Until then…

This Blog is Not Dead…

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…just stagnant. It has been months since I posted anything. Between 3 difficult classes and work it has been just draining to want to post anything, though my head has tons of idea in it.

So I plan on getting back to making myself adhere to a schedule. I have classes planned that I want to write about, books that are coming up that I want to review then blog about.

When will I get on a permanent schedule. Who knows I am hoping to work the kinks out next month and be on a better path starting in August.

Daily Tarot Pull Day 30

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So i did this Tarot pull in the month of September. I had only pulled 29 cards, as I missed a day. and I told myself I wasn’t going to sit there and stress myself and if I missed a card, it would be fine. Which I am glad, I didn’t stress, but these cards have been reading me from the beginning. It has been eye opening, as this was the first time I have ever worked with this deck, and was not really looking forward to work with them.

Well they showed me didn’t me. I look forward to working with more decks that I have yet to open. It can be very eye opening.

Daily Tarot Pull Day 29: Mother Mary

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Mother Mary represents Expecting a Miracle.

Well this should be interesting honestly. I am not sure what type of miracle, but I have a few vague suspensions of what it could be. Either way I am excited to see what will be coming to me.

Daily Tarot Pull Day 28: Aeracura

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Aeracura represents Blossoming.

I guess I can say that this is the point of where I am at in my life. After letting some things go, and moving on from situations it is time to be a new beginning, and it is time to blow up.

Daily Tarot Pull Day 27: Kali

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Kali represents the Endings and Beginnings.

SO much has to come to an end before it can truly begin. And it is getting so annoying. I never knew how much I had to end, in order to move on to the next phase of my life. It isn’t traumatizing, yet it is very sad, but it must be down.

Daily Tarot Pull Day 26: Yemanya

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Yemanya represents Golden Opportunity.

Which I have been open to receiving, and making sure that it doesn’t pass me. I have missed a few, but I see it as not being for me and something better coming along.

Daily Tarot Pull Day 25: Isis

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Isis represents a Past Life.

Something that I need to pay attention to, so I can stop repeating the same bullshit in this life.

Daily Tarot Pull Day 24: Istar

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Ishtar represents Boundaries.

Another thing that I need to make sure I understand and can respect, both of myself and from others. It is something that goes under the radar, but it is starting to be more and more prominent in my life.

Daily Tarot Pull Day 23: Sige

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Sige represents Quiet Time.

In which I am in desperate need of. But I am learning it doesn’t necessarily mean me being alone, but me being content and in the moment without any drama. That is my quite time.

Daily Tarot Pull Day 22: Cordelia

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Cordelia represents Going Outside.

What I find funny with this card, is that I was debating with myself to leave the house. I had to buy some items for a group I was in, and I was like do I really need to leave the house. So I drew my daily card and it was Cordelia. I laughed to myself and was like fine! This did get me out the house, and I had fun on this day.

Daily Tarot Pull Day 21: Diana

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Diana represents Focused Intention

This is the one thing that I will never have a problem with. When I am focused, it is razor sharp, and that can be a detriment if I just do to much. But it is a work in process, and it is still unwavering.

Daily Tarot Pull Day 20: Brigit

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Brigit represents Don’t Back Down.

I have started working with Brigit in her Vodoun aspect and I am pretty damn sure this is going to be an ass kicker, and her bringing me more into myself.

Daily Tarot Pull Day 19: White Tara

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White Tara represents Sensitivity

This is something that I need to be more of in certain situations, and less of in other situations. I will find the best balance for me sooner or later.

Daily Tarot Pull Day 18: Sarasvati

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Sarasvati represents The Arts.

I am starting to do a little bit more creative projects this year, for a future goal and for presents for friends and I am really loving it. I missed drawing, painting, and working with my hands. So I look forward to getting more in-depth and expressing myself this way again.

Daily Tarot Pull Day 17: Damara

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Damara represents Guiding Children

At first I thought this was for kids, but then I realize that is means the universe kids, which is who we all are. I try my hardest and my best to go ahead and share what I know with others, to guide others. Sometimes I fail, sometimes, I am given students that don’t want to do shit, other times I am given exceptional students. But each student I am given or accepted, there is a lot that I need to understand and observe.

Daily Tarot Pull Day 16: Nemetona

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Nemetona represents Sacred Space

I am working on having a separate space for my studies, a place that is sound proof and completely all of mine. Where my altars are now, are out in the open, but I prefer to have them in their own room where they can be pure and not bombarded by other people’s energy and dirty ways lol. It is coming, so I try to make my space extra sacred, and it has been working. But it is time to get some new space.

Daily Tarot Pull Day 15: Sekhmet

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Sekhmet represents Strength.

I was really not surprised that my Matron popped up. I was waiting for it actually. Here she is reminding me of my strength and all that I have been through, and how everything is just a speed bump. Just like I tell people, that in life we just have speed bumps that momentarily slow us down, but we have the strength to go right over it. This was her reminder to me.

Daily Tarot Pull Day 14: Mary Magdalene

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Mary Magdalene represents Unconditional Love.

What I need to understand is that a lot of people have no idea what unconditional love is. They have been raised with conditional love, and/or they give conditional love not ever knowing what unconditional love is. Some people demand unconditional love while they only ever give conditional. I give unconditional love, I just can’t bring myself to just use people. But that isn’t going to stop me from giving unconditional love, I just have to be discreet in who deserves it. Not every person I am with deserves to have all of me, as that is just draining as fuck.

Daily Tarot Pull Day 13:Oonagh

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Oonagh represent, Easy Does It.

This is something that I have completely forgot. I live in a world where a lot of people are high strung and we forgot how to take it east. It is something that I am constantly working on.

Daily Tarot Pull Day 12: Eireen

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Eireen represents Peace.

Peace is something that I am getting used to giving myself little by little every day. I try to use my mornings and evenings for meditation where I can try to calm my mind and relax my body. Though there is a lot of noise I am working through tuning that out. I just need to make sure that I know that shit is going to be awesome.

Daily Tarot Pull Day 9: Athena

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Athena represents Inner Wisdom.

There are times when I still doubt myself. Not necessarily  spiritual wise but relationship wise and career wise. This card popped up to remind me to follow and trust my gut.

Daily Tarot Pull Day 7: Aphrodite

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Aphrodite represents the Inner Goddess

This one was a difficult one for me. I have actually forgot ho to love myself and be the Goddess that I always say that I am. But you say these things so that you don’t really lose yourself. It is a slow movement, getting out of another bad relationship, I need to figure out what the fuck is going on with myself, and why I keep going into the same situations. So finding this Inner Goddess is a really good way to bring this life to a new start.

Daily Tarot Pull Day 5: Bast

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Bast, she represents Independence.

Since I am no single, my independence means a lot more to me than what it did in the past. Which is pretty sad, but we live and we learn and we go on to another day.

It means a lot to me to be able to get to know myself again, and to be better than what I was.

Daily Tarot Pull Day 4: Mawu

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This is Mawu, she represents Mother Earth.

It is time for me to take a closer look into the planet that I live on. To do my part in helping to heal her. After all, as a witch I draw my power and connection to the universe and world, so why would I not try my hardest to help out the earth. She did ask nicely.

Daily Tarot Pull Day 3: Coventina

Posted in Rituals and Workings on 10/03/2019 by Keona-Mlh

This is Coventina, she represents Purification.

This card was drawn for me to take a step back and to think about what needs to be done with my life. A good cleansing and detox hasn’t been done in a long ass time, so it is time to knock the dirt off.

Daily Tarot Pull Day 2: Butterfly Maiden

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This is the Butterfly Maiden, she represents Transformation.

This card represents all the bullshit I am transitioning out of and all the good and new I am going into. It just gives me a heads up as to no matter what I may feel, it is going to be for a good reason and for me to recognize that.

Daily Tarot Pull Day 1: Sulvis

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This is Sulis, she represents the Bodies of Water.

For me this is a reminder that I need to get back to my roots, which is water. I am a Scorpio and being near water has always helped me through troubling times. Unfortunately I live in an area where access to the beach is either 4 hours away or 6 hours away, so I try to enjoy the raining days a lot more.

New Herbal Shop

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Well technically she sales a lot more than herbs, but I love her shop for the herbs she supplies. So thanks to an IG friend baby.abaddon I was able to find this cute little store based in PA.  It is called Talisman by Yanny and I am in love. I ordered 12 herbs at a really good price, $12.99. You damn sure can’t beat that.

The picture is how my order came and it even came with black tourmaline, in rose petals. It was wrapped so nicely and had a very cute note with it, and one about the crystal that was sent with me. You can choose the herbs you want, and how many. Again I purchased 12.

I purchased rose petals, jasmine flowers, rose buds and petals, mandrake root, calamus root, wormwood root, star anise, Valerian root, strawberry leaf, black salt, angelica root and mugwort herb. I am totally satisfied with my order, the quantity of the herbs, the pricing and the delivery.

You should check her out, and you can find her on IG under the same name as well. Happy shopping.

Tarot Daily Pulls

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This month I am getting my ass back into pulling daily cards. I used to do this so often and then I just fell off. Really was upset about that. But the only thing I could do was get my ass back on track and just start fresh.

This month I will be working with the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards which is linked if you want to purchase it. I got, of course from Amazon. September 20, 2018 to be exact lol. Amazing right, I was going to grab my Kuan Yin deck but my eyes went to this deck instead. Fitting right? I think so.

I will start by just getting to know the deck.It isn’t going to be all daily pulls like I want to, because I never worked with this deck or made it mine as I was supposed to give it away in one of the tarot challenges I was hosting last year. But I guess she is mine now lol.

I will either do every few days check in or weekly check ins. I haven’t figured it out yet. But they will be up.

DoMagick Challenge: Spirit Research

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So this month we will be doing spirit research for the monthly challenge. What I am going to do is to go through the Death Daemonic I am working with and get some good writings down so that I will have some good research when I do the actual spirit work. So it won’t be 30 daemonic, but I think 20, so that will give me some buffer when I am dealing with this working.

I look forward to this because it aligns in with my death working and I really didn’t want to start something new. I am glad to be working on it.

Sigilanna September Challenge

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This month I am doing a sigil challenge that was created and hosted by @sigil_anna_ on IG. She has daily prompts that you will be posting and tagging her in which is #sigilannaseptchallenge. I will have the link here.

This will help me with my creativity and I look forward to creating some new sigils that I can utilize in my working.

DoMagick Challenge: August Mantra Review

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This month ends the 4th challenge of 2019. I can say that this challenge has been better for me, as it was something that I actually made sure to keep up with. I feel really good that the mantras I have chosen are ones that have helped me stave off insanity while I have been recovering from surgery and prepping to get back to work.

It has been good looking back and journaling on the day and how it relates to the mantra chosen. This will also help me when I do a yearly look back to see where I was at a certain time during the year.

I do have a few more challenges that I am doing that I will be putting up. By the time you read them, I would have been doing them for no more than a week now. Next month will be a little busy but I am up to the challenge.

Ahhh, the New Year Approaches…

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…and with that, comes all the shit that needs to be reevaluated. It has been an interesting fucking year, and I swear on everything unholy it has been emotional as well. I don’t think I have ever been so drained in a year. And that is saying a lot with all the fucking issues I have had in my life. But 2020 is approaching so I would guess it will all be revealed soon.

This world is horrible, and it seems as a human race, they keep trying to find ways to kill off majority of the population and then go find other planets amid the stars to do the same damn thing. Humanity really is a disease in this current climate. But what the hell do we do? We make the best of what we have and work to make this world survive, by not feeding into what these losers have done to the planet.

After all, we are Witches and Magical beings right? We can use what we have to heal the world, to change our environment. Though it is going to take a shitload of energy, but I foresee that busting through in 2020. The time to really amp up our connection is here and has been working to get to us through this energy shift. I mean it is quite fucking insane. The planets have been in some serious positioning over the past few months and they are beaming down all their might on us who are really listening and tuned in.

Four months are let in this year before a huge energy shift and torrent of magic being released and not all on the paths are going to be able to handle it. Whether you are RHP or LHP, the shift will knock you down, and for some, they will leave all together. There will be a few that will be opened and finally heed their path, and the rest of us who has been preparing, who have been going through the ringer to walk into this cosmic storm, well we already know what’s on the horizon, and we are waiting with all eyes open.

#domagick The Heart wants what it wants

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download (12)

I honestly am dreading this tarot spread lol. I know my heart chakras need alignment. I know there are things that are weighing heavy on my heart that I need to let go, and things that I need to embrace.

images (12)

This is the pose that I am doing and man doe sit open up the chakra to get right. When I was going into this new yoga pose, I was sleeping trying to figure out which pose would be right. I think and felt the pressure in this. I felt the cracking of my chest and I knew this was the right one.

This morning I was thinking of the chakra again and saw the word BAEL and a pink slash right after it. I took that as a sign to work with Bael, focus on his energy while I do this working for the next 3 days.

My tarot spread wasn’t as brutal as I was thinking it would be. I do have an abundance of love, and gentleness being given towards me, along with a very loving protectiveness that surrounds me all the time. I do need to let go some fights that aren’t worth it, because the energy is against me and there are some lessons that would be better for me NOT to learn , or there will be problems later on down the line. In understanding what unconditional love is I have to learn that broken promises, and unfulfilled promises may be delayed, if not left all together. Just because I won’t have everything I feel , doesn’t mean I am not loved. Love is compromise, love is meeting the person halfway, and then moving forward together. Disappointment is a part of life, and that also includes how you love and who you love.  You either in it all the way or you are not. So the spread was more reassuring and comforting. I felt them align and I have some work to do, like with the others, and I look forward to it.

Goetia Update

Posted in Goetia Working with tags , , on 06/08/2023 by Keona-Mlh

I am sitting down and going to rewrite the working. I have the first 8 Daemons worked out but I will be revisiting them and doing their crafts over.

I think I mentioned that I will be focused on meditating more than ritual work with the 77 Daemons. I think that will really bring me closer to the progress and what I really want to accomplish. A better connection.

I will still make the teas and incense for each daemon as I have already down so for the first few. But I think I will change the timing, like extending it longer. Probably like an extra year. Split it equally so I can have the 4 Kings throughout the 73 Daemons. A full month for each with meditations throughout. Not overpowering work, but enough to be immersed in it daily without having to take weeks in between to heal.

Our Tea Babes

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Over the next several days you will be introduced to our Tea Babes.

C Jaye Kaine

Our first Tea Babe is C Jaye Kaine. You can follow her socials for unboxings, reviews, and her own personal art on FB @C Jaye Kaine and on IG @ckaine94

Mundane Spirituality is Open

Posted in Rituals and Workings on 06/05/2023 by Keona-Mlh
IG page

Tarot Readings

Posted in Important Posts with tags , , , on 06/04/2023 by Keona-Mlh

U decided that I’m going to open myself back up to doing tarot readings for people. I truly enjoy them, and honestly I miss doing them.

Starting next Sunday, June 11th I will be booking readings for 30 minutes. The times will be between 6-9 pm. That means 8 people max can have a reading every week.

To sign up for a reading you can email me at tribalsqueen@gmail.com with your preferred Sunday Daye and time. I am EST. The meetings will be held via Zoom.

Look forward to speaking you all.


Posted in Important Posts on 05/28/2023 by Keona-Mlh

I have a few meditations and papers to write before August, and then I should be free of any other obligations I put myself in for the rest of the year.

For my Goetia I am doing a 180 on how I originally thought I was going to do it. More meditations, less rituals,more creating items and potions for the Daemons themselves.

I’ll share the new methods in another post. But for now, things are going to be more practical for others to repeat.

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